The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Week 1.3 Match Card

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GM Ryan Lee
GM Ryan Lee

Age : 33
Location : Moorpark, CA

Character Sheet
Alias: Ryuu Lee
PSN ID: kaydinv
Finishing Move(s): Dragon Suplex

PostSubject: Week 1.3 Match Card   Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:58 pm

Welcome to week THREE of Champions of the Ring!

Below you will find information for each match for the week of February 14th. The following section details the Match Setup information and Match Rules for every Division this week (with the exception of Tag Team). I've also added some commentary for each match from a new character named "Rival." Also, there are a few examples of how I plan to do the Match Card differently next week. Look below to find them!

Please make sure to contact your opponent and set a time for your match! Report all Match Results in the Match Results Thread.

Match Setup
Match Type: (Specified Below)
Arena: Night of Champions (Change this last or the game will reset to Smackdown)
Allow User Created Content: On
Entrance: On
Match Rules: Default (Do not change the Match Rules unless specified below)
The hosts are in light blue below.

Matches for Monday, February 14th - Sunday, February 20th

Champions: Paul Inpact vs Azul Guerrero
Usernames: InpactSavior; kaydinv
Match Type: Submission (2 out of 3)
Rival's Thoughts: Inpact from Inpact Money Inc. and Azul from Fast & Furious face off in a grueling Submission match. This time, their Tag Team partners won't be there to help them.

Champions: Justice vs Chuck Deuce
Usernames: SakoritoSagara; Deuce88
Match Type: Normal One on One (2 out of 3)
Rival's Thoughts: Justice and Deuce face off for the first time against eachother this week. Will Justice prevail or is he in for a double dose of Chuck?

Champions: Killton vs The Joker
Usernames: salmaan; creed_
Match Type: Iron Man
Rival's Thoughts: Killton has rampaged through Champions of the Ring the last couple of weeks. If anyone can stop this monster, it's going to be the Joker taking him one on one.

Champions: Sobaan vs Mercer
Usernames: sobaan; money_mercer
Match Type: Table (2 out of 3)
Rival's Thoughts: Sobaan proved last week that he is a force to be reckon with. This week he goes against the millionaire, Mercer, in a tables match! A tables match? That's Mercer's speciality! Did he buy out the GM? I smell a scandal.

Champions: Swift vs The Hatchet Warrior
Usernames: CANYOUBLAMEME; XtheHatchetWarriorX
Match Type: Normal One on One (2 out of 3)
Rival's Thoughts: The Hatchet Warrior vs The Swift...both of them have a lot of potential, but only one of them is going to walk away from this victorious. Will Terrance begin a streak in the Heavyweight Division or is he about to get a different rendition of reality?

Champions: Dizazter vs Ricky Lee vs Big T
Usernames: DieHardYankee25; ricky lee
Match Type: Triple Threat Ladder
Rival's Thoughts: Three newcomers all reaching towards the stars in this Ladder Match. Who has the heart and the desire to be a champion? We'll have to wait to find out!

Champions: Inpact Money Inc. vs Fast & Furious
Usernames: InpactSavior; Money_Mercer; CANYOUBLAMEME; kaydinv
Match Type: Tag Team Elimination
Rival's Thoughts: Inpact Money Inc. continues to dominate Fast & Furious in the Tag Team Division. This match will be Fast & Furious last chance to build momentum going into the final week of the month. Will we see an upset this week?

Champions: Tyson Stewart vs Killton
Usernames: Bionerd43; salmaan
Match Type: Normal One on One (2 out of 3)
Rival's Thoughts: Last week, these two were tag team partners in the Main Event. That temporary alliance is over and this week, they go toe-to-toe in the ring!

Champions: The Joker vs Cody Christopher vs Sobaan
Usernames: creed_; JediCody10; sobaan
Match Type: Triple Threat
Rival's Thoughts: The World Championship Division is heating up as we enter the 3rd week. If these three superstars want a chance at the title come next week, they're going to need to win here. There can only be one though, and I know they all want it.

Champions: Ricky Lee vs Chuck Deuce
Usernames: ricky lee; Deuce88
Match Type: Falls Count Anywhere (2 out of 3)
Rival's Thoughts: Not much is known about these two stars, so this could go either way. If I had to guess, I'd say Deuce is going to take it home. Ricky is pretty awesome though...I can't decide!

Champions: Big T and Justice vs Dizazter and The Hatchet Warrior
Usernames: Big T; SakoritoSagara; DieHardYankee25; XtheHatchetWarriorX
Match Type: Normal Tag Team
Rival's Thoughts: These four champions make their official epic debut this week, and what better way to start off their careers but with a history making tag team match? Who's going to come out on top?

Champions: Cody Christopher vs Tyson Stewart
Usernames: JediCody10; Bionerd43
Match Type: Steel Cage
Rival's Thoughts: A couple of weeks ago, Cody brutally attacked Tyson and left him bleeding on the ground. In this week's Main Event, both of them will be locked in a steel cage trying to escape for their lives!


For those of you without a picture yet or who want to get your picture changed, PM me a link to the picture on the Community Creations site as soon as possible.

Good luck to all Champions!

Last edited by GM Ryan Lee on Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:32 am; edited 8 times in total
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Character Sheet
Alias: PRO
PSN ID: Cody_The_Pro
Finishing Move(s): The Anuresym,Bloodline

PostSubject: Re: Week 1.3 Match Card   Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:10 pm

Good Match Card Smile

[20:41:24 31/07/11] CWChampTyson : Strange that Sunday is a slow day :/

[20:41:38 31/07/11] CWChampTyson : I guess without Cody we have nothing to do Razz
[20:18:29] @ CodyChristo : HE'S DONE IT

[20:18:32] @ CodyChristo : HE HAS DONE IT

[20:18:40] @ CodyChristo : CODY HAS BROKEN HIS LOSING STREAK

[20:19:23] @ CodyChristo : BY GAWD JR

[20:20:26] Tyson Stewart : YAYAYAYAYAY


[20:20:38] @ CodyChristo : *buttcheek dances*

[20:20:41] Tyson Stewart : now brb

[15:12:11] Jimmy Poseidon : *buttcheek dancing*

[20:20:41] @ CodyChristo : OH YEAH

[20:20:46] @ CodyChristo : THIS BE GOING IN MY SIG

Last edited by JediCody10 on Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:01 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Josh Pilgrim

Josh Pilgrim

Age : 27
Location : Jersey City, New Jersey

Character Sheet
Alias: Got it Made
PSN ID: Got_It_Made43
Finishing Move(s): Made It Stunner, Sleeper Hold 2

PostSubject: Re: Week 1.3 Match Card   Sun Feb 13, 2011 11:13 pm

Tyson vs Cody in a steel cage was a brutal match but once again Cody left the young and arrogant competitor lying bloodied in the ring, and climbed out of the cage.
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Age : 32
Location : Florida

Character Sheet
Alias: Hatchet
PSN ID: X3rdDayX
Finishing Move(s): Renditions of Reality

PostSubject: Re: Week 1.3 Match Card   Mon Feb 14, 2011 12:18 pm

The new match cards are sick! Good job GM!
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PostSubject: Re: Week 1.3 Match Card   

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Week 1.3 Match Card
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