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 mercer in limo (closed promo for mercer and joker)

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PostSubject: mercer in limo (closed promo for mercer and joker)   Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:05 am

right after inpact money party was crashed by fast and furious mercer and inpact and their lovely ladies are about to leave in the limos, they are now in mercers personal parking lot as the cameras zoom in............

mercer: inpact (he puts his hand on inpacts shoulder) listen man i need you to take all the women to the party in the other limo.

inpact: why are we not riding together( he says in a paranoid way) you know that monster joker is around waiting for us to slip up. man we got to stick together or take him out of the picture now.

mercer: calm down man.....calm down....look at you(mercer steps back) joker got you sweating man chill out
(mercer then shakes his head) your embarrassing yourself in front of the women( mercer then winks at the women as they wink back and then pays his attention back to inpact)man listen, you got some fine ladies riding with you, just chill out, grab some champagne and get laid( he says while smiling) there is nothing to worry about...... joker is not stupid........well he is stupid( he then puts his hand on his chin while thinking) well anyway who cares.
joker is just a scared little showgirl out their for the first time not knowing what to do. hes not going to mess with inpact money cause he knows better. ( mercer then sighs) now get in the other limo and take the ladies to the party( he then fixes inpacts tie) loosen up and have some fun man.

inpact: ok man your right.......where are you going......

mercer: (mercer then stops to look at inpact and smiles) joker might be done with us........but im not done with him(they both start to laugh) ill be at the party inpact, were going to celebrate our win and the little surprise i have for joker....... only me, you and the driver knows, dont tell no one else.

inpact then leaves with the women in the limo to the party

mercer: now driver, you know where to go( he says while entering the limo)..................
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PostSubject: Yoink!   Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:05 am

Mercer sits in the back of the limo for a moment and pats the inside pocket of his suit.

Mercer: “My phone…must have left it with Paul…oh well I’m meeting up with Inpact at the hotel anyway.”

He sighs and relaxes into the comfortable limousine seats resting his hands behind his head, but before doing so he unfastens his cufflinks. He smiles happy with his current standings in COTR and well…his life. He looks over and sees a bottle of champagne.

Mercer: “Oh…champagne.”

He grabs the bottle then pops it open, drinking from it directly, enjoying the flavor of the expensive champagne. He swirls it around in his mouth and grins.

Mercer: “A 1995 Krug “Clos Ambonnay"…..Life….is…good….no…it’s me…I’m good.”

He laughs at his own joke and then presses a button to speak with the driver.

Mercer: “Hey the other limo’s pulled off…let’s get going….you know we‘ve got things to do.”

No response is heard over the intercom and Mercer sips his champagne again, trying to maintain his cool. He smoothes his hair back and loosens his tie a bit shaking his head, mumbling.

Mercer: “I cannot find decent ‘help’ these days.”

After a gulp of the champagne Mercer holds down the button again, this time visibly flustered.

Mercer: “Do you like your job huh’….do you think I have time for games I mean I know the people in this city are stupid but I didn’t know it was this bad!”

Mercer tries to relax, not wanting to get angry when he was in such a spirited mood but frustration gives way to anger and he rips off his jacket tossing it to the other side of the limo.

Mercer: “Listen you inbred hick, I said get going.… I’m not paying you my hard earned cash to sit in this god forsaked parking lot…I’m a busy man I have places to be and if you don’t get this limo going right now…I’m going to hop out of it, rip your arms off and beat you to death with them…I’m money…you better learn to respect…”

Mercer stops mid speech as all of the locks on the car shift. He reaches for the handle and grins pulling at it trying to get it open.

Mercer: “You….you are going to pay…I’ve had enough of dealing with little clowns…open this door if you want your job and your life!”

Mercer pushes his shoulder against the door trying to force it open. As he struggles with the door he hears the driver’s door open and smiles.

Mercer: “Finally you’ve come to your senses…the last thing I need….”

The tinted windows prevent him from seeing clearly but he can make out two things. A tall figure and something slung over the figures shoulder. He hears a sick thud as the tall figure sets something down directly by the window on his side of the limo.

Mercer: “….Is….another…”

Mercer peers out of the window and sees that the figure is tied up and struggling to break free. Mercer drops the champagne and looks around the limousine for possible escape routes but everything is locked down or tied up and he shakes his head stupefied that he hadn’t noticed. He goes back to the window and pounds on it trying to get attention from passerbies but all he sees is the tied up person. He squints a bit harder and the driver…his driver…is not only bound and gagged he also has a clown smile painted over his face. Mercer sits back in the limo, bewildered. He hears the driver door slam and the ignition starts.

Mercer: “….Joker...?!”

He beats at the windows, the walls and ceiling of the limousine shouting.

Mercer: “Joker!!Joker!!Joker!!”

The limousine then screeches off leaving a thick line of rubber in the arena parking lot.
The COTR cameras zoom in on the limousine as it turns a corner moving at a heavily accelerated pace, then darts to the struggling driver trying to shrug off the bonds. The cameras fade out on the evil, messy, clown smile smeared over the drivers face.

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mercer in limo (closed promo for mercer and joker)
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