The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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PostSubject: ROYAL TAG MATCH VARIATIONS!   Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:37 pm

As you may have read the new tag team rules, you may have also read the rules on the new royal tag match here:

I'm just going to go over some simple and easy to learn variations of the match type which I'm sure you all will enjoy!


A triple threat match, 1 champion leaves the ring and it becomes a regular singles match. However, when of the in-ring champions leaves the ring (via opponent knocking them out, roll-out, etc.), the one champion that was previously on the outside of the ring now enters the ring in place of the champion that has left. And then the match continues. Remember, no taunting on the outside of the ring!


Just like the triple threat royal tag match, except the outside champions will stand at opposite corners. the champion on the outside at the top left will only enter if one of the champions inside the ring are knocked out on the top or left side. The same goes for the champion on the outside at the bottom right, whereas they may only enter if a champion leaves on thier two sides (bottom and right).

6-MAN ROYAL TAG MATCH (still pending)

Unfortunatly, this match can only be used in a Armaggedon Hell In A Cell match which explains why its still pending for use by the GM. This match is similar to the fatal 4-way royal tag match, but in this one, each of the outside champions will have only one side where, if one of the inside champions exits the ring on that side, they can enter. Simple enough?

6-MAN ROYAL TAG TEAM MATCH (still pending)

Just needs the GMs approval is all. Alright, this one is again, like the fatal 4-way royal tag match, but, one team of champions will have two opposite corners, and the other team will have the other corners, so they overlap around the ring. team one has top left and bottome right, team two has top right and bottom left.

have any more variations of matches you wish to share? put them here and the GM will check em out for future use Very Happy

Enjoy, and Good Luck!
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