The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Silver Platter

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Josh Pilgrim


Age : 26
Location : Jersey City, New Jersey

Character Sheet
Alias: Got it Made
PSN ID: Got_It_Made43
Finishing Move(s): Made It Stunner, Sleeper Hold 2

PostSubject: Silver Platter    Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:00 pm

Money to Blow by Birdman hits and the crowd erupts into thunderous booos, and Tyson heads down the ramp with gold in his hand and around his waist. A huge smile creeps across the face of Tyson Stewart.

Tyson: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Everything that I said from the beginning would happen did. I rose through the rankings and flew to the top of the Cruiserweight Division. Some minor road blocks still stood in the way of me and the championship was mine by my birhtright.

The crowd grows immmensly loud booing Tyson to no end

Tyson: Quiet all of you I'm not finished!!!!!

The crowd quiets a little

Tyson: These roadblocks were Justice and COdy... Now Justice (laughs to himself) we all know of how I embarrassed him in our #1 Contenders match, and then all that stood between me and the Cruiserweight Title (Tyson goes quiet for a moment..... was Cody Christopher. We have been butting heads almost since the instance I graced the roster with my presence.

The crowd noise picks up a little again

Tyson: But he was not enough... I Tyson "Got it Made" Stewart heir to the company Steware Industries am the first champion to pick up a title and the first EVER Cruiserweight Champion of CotR!! All of you doubted what was ultimately inevitable because: I Tyson Stewart live in the Lap of Luxury and life is handed to me on a Silver Platter!!!


Greg: You gotta be kidding me this chump just got lucky.

Andersen: What you call luck I call skill and that is what Tyson showed in his match with Cody.

Greg: Call it what you want I just can't believe this guy is Cruiserweight Champion...
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Age : 25
Location : Columbus, OH

Character Sheet
Alias: Justice
PSN ID: sakoritosagara
Finishing Move(s): Just Cause, The Eyes of Justice

PostSubject: Re: Silver Platter    Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:27 pm

As Tyson turns around to begin heading into the lockerroom, he is blindsided by a table into the stomach. Justice stands over him and repeatedly slams the table onto his limbs. The crowd goes wild, seeing Justice cause further damage to the already worn out cruiserweight champion. He turns and sets up the table on the stage.

Greg: Aha! I told you he would be here!

Andersen: He shouldn't even be here! What is he doing?!

Greg: Oh I think he's just paying your boy, Tyson, there a little 'justice'.

Andersen: This is just absurd!

Justice poses for the crowd, making them go hysterical, as he lifts up tyson onto his shoulders.


He finishes the devistating move with Tyson crashing through the table and onto the steel beneath. The crowd roars in applause and chants "Justice! Justice! Justice!"

Andersen: This can't be happening.

Greg: I'd say it's a 'Just Cause,' Andersen.

Andersen: Oh, shut up, Greg.

Justice looks down at the beaten Tyson Stewart and grabs the crusierweight title off the floor where it was droped. He's handed a microphone as he walks to Tyson. He stands over him as the crowd begins to quiet. He looks up and over the people in attendance, lifting the title high, so as to sent the crowd through another wave of cheers. Lowering the belt, he brings the microphone to his mouth.

Justice: I told you once, I'll tell you again... In the end... Justice-

The crowd finishes the statement before Justice, "Will Prevail!"

He drops the title as his theme music blasts through the arena, still unable to drown out the constant applause and chants from the audiance as he poses again and turns around, walking backstage and leaving the arena as doctors and assistants rush to his aid.
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Silver Platter
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