The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Introducing: Randall Hennings! (closed promo)

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PostSubject: Introducing: Randall Hennings! (closed promo)   Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:22 am

The arena goes dark as the fans in attendence become quiet. Out of the blue, the music of one of CotR's newest superstars, Randall Hennings, blares through the arena. The fans stand and cheer as the man himself comes out.

Greg: This man has served his time in the army on 2 seperate occasions! He is a war veteran and we are glad to welcome him to our company.

Anderson: You know what I think about this guy? He retired from the military, and when you do that, your basicaly screaming to the world that your too washed up.

Greg: You need to learn some manners Anderson!

Randall salutes at the top of the ramp and walks down. He beats his chest a few times then stops at the bottom of the ramp. He looks around the arena at the screaming fans and turns to his side. He walks up the steel steps and into the ring. When in there, he does a lunge and flex motion and pyro goes off behind him. He walks to the ropes and says he needs a mix, which he is handed.

Hennings: I am an honorable man, I'll say that right now. I am also, a fighting machine! I served my time in war twice, so I know what it takes to be resiliant! The army turned me into the fighting machine you see standing before you today. And while I may have forgotten some military techniques over the few years, I know I'll pick them up fighting again. The war has taught me to fight back, never back down, never quit and never... EVER... turn my back on my mates. When I fight in this ring, I simulate being in the military again, knowing it takes the same type of attitude, and the same type of training, to make it in both. As I go through my career here in Champions of the Ring, you'll all learn more about me.

Anderson: Wait, is he done yet?

Greg: I don't think so. If you fall asleep I'll just wake you up.

Hennings looks up at the ceiling, remembering his dark secret.

Hennings: Although, some things are better left unknown. You won't learn some of the things about me, I just know that it takes knowledge of another to respect that person. And if theres one thing I remember from the armed forces, its to give it all you've got every time you're in the battle field, weather it be with guns or fists, you fight 'till your last breath. *he smiles as he continues* And if that last breath makes me die in this ring, then so be it! I am a fighing mqchine, I'm putting everyone on a warning right now!

Anderson: Looks like its getting good.

Greg: He said he's warning everyone that he isn't going to back down!

Hennings: You all just remember, when it comes to ruthless aggresion, I'm the man that defines it!

He drops his mic as his theme plays through the arena.

Greg: All the Champions have just been put on notice, with this man loose, all hell may break loose!

Anderson: He stops when it gets good?

Hennings rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp. At the top, he turns around, salutes again and walks to the back.
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Introducing: Randall Hennings! (closed promo)
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