The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Week 2.1 Match Card

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GM Ryan Lee
GM Ryan Lee

Age : 33
Location : Moorpark, CA

Character Sheet
Alias: Ryuu Lee
PSN ID: kaydinv
Finishing Move(s): Dragon Suplex

PostSubject: Week 2.1 Match Card   Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:28 pm

Welcome to the second month of Champions of the Ring!

Below you will find information for each match for the week of February 28th. The following section details the Match Setup information and Match Rules for every Division this week. Before you start a game, do a warm up game to make sure there's no lag. Best of 3 is back for Normal matches and some other match types.

Please make sure to contact your opponent(s) and set a time for your match! Report Match Results in the Match Results Thread.

Match Setup
Match Type: (Specified Below)
Arena: Superstars and Night of Champions
Allow User Created Content: On
Entrance: On
Match Rules: Default (Do not change the Match Rules unless specified below)
The hosts are in light blue below.

Night of Superstars Matches February 28th - March 6th

Champions: Michael Daniels vs Randall Hennings
Usernames: SVRdani; x_InfInAtOr_x
Match Type: Iron Man

Champions: Cody Christopher vs Chuck Deuce
Usernames: JediCody10; Deuce88
Match Type: Normal Best of 3

Champions: The Hatchet Warrior vs Big T
Usernames: Hatchet; Big T
Match Type: Last Man Standing

Champions: Justice vs Paul Inpact
Usernames: SakoritoSagara; InpactSavior
Match Type: Normal Best of 3

Champions: Fast & Furious vs Ripp Death
Usernames: CANYOUBLAMEME; kaydinv; Sobaan; The Ripper Chris Rabideau
Match Type: Normal Tag Team

Champions: Aaron Webb vs Tyson Stewart
Usernames: mrmade1997; Bionerd43
Match Type: Normal Best of 3


Champions: Mercer vs Killton
Usernames: Money_Mercer; salmaan
Match Type: Table Best of 3

Night of Champions Matches February 28th - March 6th

Champions: The Joker vs Aaron Webb
Usernames: creed_; mrmade1997
Match Type: Normal Best of 3

Champions: Chuck Deuce vs Michael Daniels
Usernames: Deuce88; SVRdani
Match Type: Normal Best of 3

Champions: Randall Hennings vs The Hatchet Warrior
Usernames: x_InfInAtOr_x; Hatchet
Match Type: Normal Best of 3

Champions: Killton & Death Tron vs The Joker & Swift
Usernames: salmaan; sobaan; creed_; CANYOUBLAMEME
Match Type: Royal Tag Team

Champions: Chris Rabideau vs Cody Christopher
Usernames: The Ripper Chris Rabideau; JediCody10
Match Type: Falls Count Anywhere Best of 3

Champions: Tyson Stewart vs Azul Guerrero
Usernames: Bionerd43; kaydinv
Match Type: Normal Best of 3


Champions: Brutal Justice vs Inpact Money Inc.
Usernames: Big T; SakoritoSagara; InpactSavior; Money_Mercer
Match Type: Elimination Tag Table Tornado

Good luck to all Champions!
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Week 2.1 Match Card
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