The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Elite is here...(Open promo for Elite vs The Justice Stable)

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PostSubject: Elite is here...(Open promo for Elite vs The Justice Stable)   Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:54 pm

***Lights get dim and than suddenly the entire arena is lit up by fireworks when music drops***

Greg - Looks like Elite has arrived here at Night of Champions!

Anderson - You can bet your ass they have! They always know how to make an entrance..

***Out walk Cody Christopher, Hatchet and Michael Daniels and make their way to the ring showing looks of confidence and disregarding boos of fans***

Hatchet - Cut the music!!

***Music comes to a halt and fans get silent when they see the anger***

Greg - It seems that Hatchet's not in a particularly good mood tonight.

Anderson - hah, when is he Bear? The man looks like hes always 2 seconds away from breaking something.. Hopefully you!

Greg- Oh shut up..

Hatchet - Now I have a few things to say before I let my brothers in Elite take the mic..

Hatchet - Justice Stable... You guys are really getting on my nerves.. You come in here thinking that your all freaking super heros with your comic book type antics and always thinking you know whats best for the COTR..

***Hatchet looks around at the crowd intently, as Cody nods his head in agreement***

Hatchet - Well quite frankly i'm sick of it.. And so is ELITE!

Greg - Sounds to me like hes calling them out.

Hatchet - So let me tell you what were going to do.. We want a match.. And we want it tonight on Night of Champions!!

Anderson - Good guess Bear! Seems like your a psychic..

Greg - Sigh..

***Hatchet hands away the mic and walks to the other side of the ring as if letting off frustration and anger..***

....Waits for someone to speak....
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PostSubject: Re: Elite is here...(Open promo for Elite vs The Justice Stable)   Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:57 pm

Daniels - I totally advance the view of Hatchet, you're pi**ing me off!
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Elite is here...(Open promo for Elite vs The Justice Stable)
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