The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 NEX-Generation Reunites! (Closed, But Open To NEX Members Promo)

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PostSubject: NEX-Generation Reunites! (Closed, But Open To NEX Members Promo)   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:29 am

*COTR returns to air from commercials with Chris Rapideau & Tyson Stewart in the locker room in an on-going conversation*

Chris Rapideau
"Where the hell is he? He said he'll be here tonight."

Tyson Stewart
"I don't know, it's getting pretty late and show is almost over, I don't think he'll make it tonight. He's been gone for two weeks now, he better not had ditched us!"

Chris Rapideau
"Hey! With or without him, NEX-Gen is one nation COTR!"

*Chris & Tyson gives dap to each other
Someone enters the room and closes the door*

"NEX-Generation is one nation, but with me added to the formula, we're all one hell of a chemical combustion that the COTR labs can't control."

*Camera pans quickly to the heard voice and reveals to the crowd that Dragonfly has again return and the crowd begins to boo and cheer in mixed chants*

Tyson Stewart
"The hell you been man?! Left us hanging here with these annoying Justice clowns."

"I've been to the land of the Immortals. Where the skies are cloudly and gold with sunlight piercing through the clouds with greek songs... Where land is gray and solid with patches of Mother Nature's essence...And yellow unicorns...

*A moment of silence came over the group while Chris & Tyson look at Dragonfly with an awkward look*

Chris Rapideau & Tyson Stewart

"Ugh! I've been in New York City. Yellow unicorns... Taxies... Uh- never mind, forget it -_-. The point is guys, that I'm back!. And to push that envelope, we're going to hit COTR stronger than we've ever did now. Although I was gone, I've been keeping tabs on what's been going on around here. And if "The Elite" think they're going to shack up in OUR country, "The Land Of The Future", then they have another thing coming. Those jokes don't even have a lifting finger of a chance against us and we're going to flat out prove that in dominance. Far as Justice League goes, they're are as much in trouble similar to the Elites. So first order of business for us all is: "DOMINATE AS USUAL""

*A mutual respect goes on between the group as they set their sight back on COTR Superstars for a devestating demolishing in the near future*
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NEX-Generation Reunites! (Closed, But Open To NEX Members Promo)
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