The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 before you freak out...

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Age : 26
Location : Columbus, OH

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Alias: Justice
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PostSubject: before you freak out...   Thu Mar 24, 2011 5:04 am

The promos over the next week, month, year, whatever that seem to bend the rules as far as Cp or Rp or Xp between me and Bionerd43 (Tyson) are, simply put, staged, and we have planned what will become of our characters in the future. Any announcements of title shots that are seemingly unfair, are, again, staged. Please concider this as a way of us saying that the SVR2011 game is kinda just a filler for the juicy roleplay that can be done right here on this site. This is me saying that this is, arguably, not a gaming community. It is a roleplay community in which we create storylines for each other to add to and enjoy together. Again, to clear up any confusion, We are not earning Cp, Rp, or Xp (except for the Xp earned in the last match) for these promos and the matches that take place during that are not on the match card.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
-SakoritoSagara AKA "White Wolf" Justice
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PostSubject: Re: before you freak out...   Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:39 pm

good stuff on the details
hopefully more will take understanding and do the same as well.
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before you freak out...
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