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 Creating a 2nd Character

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GM Ryan Lee

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PostSubject: Creating a 2nd Character   Thu Apr 14, 2011 2:39 am

Creating a 2nd Character

Okay guys, now that we have the Divas Division and people are creating a 2nd character for that, I figured it was time to allow people to have 2 Superstars as well. To do this, create a 2nd account and set up the Character Sheet. If you are going to have 2 characters, you will need to split them between 2 separate Divisions (Example: Divas and Heavyweight). This means it is now possible to be in the Cruiserweight and Heavyweight Divisions at the same time (with 2 different characters). It is NOT possible to be in the same Division twice though.

Please, make sure that BOTH of your characters have both Divisions in their character sheets. This means that if you have a Superstar and a Diva, on your Superstar Character Sheet you need to have your Superstar Division and also "Divas." Your Diva Character Sheet will need to have "Divas" and your Superstar Division (if you have one). This is simply to make it easier for me.

Also, if you have a character already and plan to start a 2nd one, you may request to have your starting EXP on your new character match your current EXP on your original character. So, if you have a character with 12 EXP, you can ask me to set your starting EXP for your 2nd character to 12.

This is in effect immediately. If you are starting a 2nd character, please upload the character to community creations and then send me a PM (even if you already have). Do not PM me until your character has been uploaded to community creations. I've seriously lost track of who is new and who isn't at this point so I need some more PM's. This goes for Chris, Cody, Aaron, Tyson, Swift etc...everyone.

Have fun, guys.
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Creating a 2nd Character
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