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 TMZ catches Mr. Black on the scene...

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PostSubject: TMZ catches Mr. Black on the scene...   Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:42 am

The cameras come up on the TMZ cast sitting in their usual positions as they replay celebrity events from the day at the close of the show.

Max Hodges - "We also got Tyler Black aka Mr. Black leaving The Hustler strip club and he seems to have had a good time our guy catches him and the first thing he says is -

(Cuts to Tyler and Camera guy)

Camera guy - "Damn your tall!"

(Cuts to Harvey in studio)

Harvey - "We get Mr. Black from COTR and the only thing our guy can say is...your tall?

Nina Parker - "I mean you've got to understand Tyler's like seven foot and huge and he's got this swagger about him - "

Charles Latibeaudiere - "Well i'm glad we didn't have her over there she's drooling on her desk."

The entire crew laughs as Harvey shakes his head grinning.

Harvey - "Did he do the whole bit?"

Max - "Yeah the camera guy of course falls for the name thing."

(Cuts back to Mr. Black and Camera guy)

Tyler of couse looks to have had a few beers and is enjoying the night life of the area. He tilts his hat down shielding his eyes from the camera light. The camera guy greets him and seems to be 'marking out' a little meeting him.

Black - "How ya' doin."

He tips his hat to the guy and gives him a friendly pat to the shoulder causing the camera to shuffle around a bit.

Camera guy - "So Tyler - "

Black shakes his head and grins half looking at the camera, half looking towards the street.

Black - "That's Mr. Black to you son."

He says looking into the camera a serious face taking place of the grin. The grin quickly returns as the camera guy laughs nervously.

Camera guy - "So you ended the streak and your going to be in the Elimination Chamber at the next COTR event for the title right?"

Black shifts towards the camera and tilts his hat back listening over the loud noise coming from the club.

Black - "Yeah i tossed the champ around like a rag doll and as for that qualification match all i have to say is things are about to get real Rated R in the COTR."

Camera guy - "Well we're pulling for you Mr.'s it feel to have streak ender under your belt."

Black - "I'm about as happy as a tick on a fat dog."

Both the camera guy and Black laugh.

Camera guy - "Oh yeah...Harvey told me to tell you that pro-wrestling is a childrens soap opera and its a HUGE joke!"

(Camera cuts back to the TMZ studio)

Harvey - "He told a seven foot, three hundred plus pound man that i said his career is a joke?!"

Harvey holds his head down as the entire in-studio cast cracks up laughing.

(Cuts back to Camera guy and Mr. Black)

Black frowns up and points at the camera half serious, half joking.

Mr. Black - "Well you tell that sombitch the next time i'm in the area i'll pay him a little visit in-studio and show him how 'fake' wrestling is."

(Cuts back to TMZ studio)

The entire cast is still laughing while Harvey shakes his head.

Harvey - "This guys going to kill me..."

(Cuts back to Camera guy and Mr. Black)

A string of fans come for an autograph and he signs them while speaking to the camera guy.

Camera guy - "Who do you have pegged for the playoffs?"

Black - "I got money on LA...i bet to win, if i lose i'm going to have to repo those one's from the girls inside."

Him and the camera guy both share a laugh as Mr. black continues to sign autographs.

Mr. Black - "Just tell everyone in studio Mr. Black loves the show...and tell Harvey i'll see him soon."

He laughs while finishing the signings and gives the camera guy another pat to the shoulder before walking over to his custom made motorcycle.

Camera guy - "Thank you Mr. Black for your time."

He gives a small wave to the camera guy before giving it a proper revv and screeching down the cities street.

(Cuts back to the TMZ studio)

Max - "So yeah he's a cool guy, sweet bike too."

Nina Parker - "Forget the bike give me Mr. Black.."

Max - "Harvey you now have a seven foot tall, beer drinking, motorcycle riding tough guy after know that right?"

The crew laughs as Harvery palms his face sighing.

Harvey - "Why do all these shows end with a death threat for me?"

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TMZ catches Mr. Black on the scene...
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