The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 My intro and a little promo ( closed intro and promo)

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PostSubject: My intro and a little promo ( closed intro and promo)   Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:57 pm

My character name is mercer

He is a mix between cm punk and Alberto del rio
He is a brawler / some what of a high flyer like cm punk and ground like del rio
He's a very rich and powerful man and takes nothing from no one. He may be rich but he earns everything especially his millions.
He is here to be the first cotr world heavy weight champion and for the rest of his career and will be
His signature is the powerbomb and codebreaker( haven't though of names yet)
His finishing move is called the price is right
Hes mercer and he is money

Hey I'm mercer ,some call me money, and I mean business , I have no time for jobbers , you would be lucky just to be in the same ring as me. Hey it's what you dream of huh... to wrestle agaisnt the best...., well I am the best. And it's nothing you can do about it but get pinned 1.....2.......3 And one more thing money does not talk cheap if you don't respect money,.. money will not respect you.
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My intro and a little promo ( closed intro and promo)
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