The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 MONEY IS POWER (NEW CHAMPION) closed promo for power

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PostSubject: MONEY IS POWER (NEW CHAMPION) closed promo for power   Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:00 pm

Right after the elimination chamber match the new champion Mercer, Creed and Tyson celebrates in ring while Mercer caress the million dollar cotr championship world title.

Anderson: I knew it, i knew it, this man...this wrestling GOD is no our world champion!"

Greg begins to speak but removes his headset as Andersen looks at him questioningly. He shakes his head in disgust of Mercers victory and rises from the announce table. He looks around the arena and then at his hall of fame ring. He begins to walk around the ring and proceeds upramp and backstage. Andersen shrugs it off and looks on speaking as Creed, Tyson and Mercer stand in-ring.

Andersen: "These men are the epitomy of POWER!"

Both Creed and Tyson raise Mercer's hands in victory but Mercer jerks his hand away from Creeds and continues to celebrate with Tyson. After posing for awhile with his new championship belt he shakes both Tyson's and Creeds hand but holds onto Creeds for a while staring into his eyes. He drops it quickly then drops to his knees before quickly rolling out of the ring and heading up ramp and backstage, leaving Tyson and Creed in-ring. Creed and Tyson look at eachother and then follows mercer backstage to lockeroom as the crowd boos extremely.

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PostSubject: Re: MONEY IS POWER (NEW CHAMPION) closed promo for power   Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:21 pm

Now in POWERS lockeroom there sits Mercer, Tyson and Creed. Mercer sits staring at Creed.

Creed: What....What?

Mercer still sits staring at creed, as Tyson and Creed have no clue as to whats going on.

Mercer: Ok...we did it boys!

Tyson grins and shakes his head in acknowledgement of the victory as Creed seems a bit relieved by Mercers enthusiasm. Mercer grabs champagne and pops the bottle letting it fizz out then pouring two glasses for both him and Creed.

Mercer: Now Tyson i know you don't indulge but i wanted you here for a reason and that's because you held your own in the EC match and you i am proud to have of the best wrestlers and greatest men i've ever known to be on my team.

Creed looks at Tyson grinning waiting for his tribute or being on Mercer's team in regards to POWER and the EC match. Mercer grins at Creed handing him one of the glasses and motions for him to rise. Him and Creed raise the glasses in the air. Creed begins to speak but before he can say anything Mercer slaps the glass out of his hand. He gulps down the contents of his own then sits the glass down before getting in Creed's face.

Mercer: And just what the hell do you think you were doing out there Creed...huh...what was your angle in the EC match...was it to hmmmmm..attack me from behind when i thought it was over and try to steal the title right from under my nose?

Creed tries to speak again but Mercer cuts him off. He picks upp the title and rests it on his shoulders as he speaks to Creed again.

Mercer: Look at me Creed not my title...oh wait...those eyes Creed....i've seen them before because i've seen them in the mirror those same hungry eyes aching to hold the most coveted title in the history of wrestling....i already have Inpact to worry the man i brought from right hand defies me....well i want annswers damnit and i want answers now!

Mercer stands clutching his title and looking at Creed boiling with anger.
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PostSubject: Re: MONEY IS POWER (NEW CHAMPION) closed promo for power   Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:59 pm

Creed looks at his empty hand and chuckles slightly ignoring Mercer's rant. He grabs both of
Mercer's shoulders and pats them before backing away slightly.

Creed: "Mercer...champ...your being paranoid my only aim in the EC match was to watch your hand be raised in victory."

He taps the title on Mercers shoulder before continuing.

Creed: "I mean who in the world would want to be the champion...huh.."

He gently lifts the title off of Mercer's shoulder and grabs a towel rubbing any smudges from the belt. The whole time he's wiping it down he's gazing at the title as if were his sole reason for living.

Creed: "Who in thier right mind would want to carry around the greatest title there is to hold in wrestling today..."

He blows his breath on the title, still removing any particles of dust that may ruin it's finish.

Creed: "...have thier name etched into it's golden surface..."

He continues to polish the title, all the while his voice slipping into a more hypnotic tone.

Creed: "...but not only be etched into ownership of the title but...but...have thier name etched into history..."

He discards the towel and holds the title in front of him grinning before placing it gently back onto Mercers shoulder and snapping out of the daze he had accidentally slipped into.

Creed: "We shouldn't be back here wasn't just a victory for you was a victory for POWER...we should be celebrating not accusing...your the champ Mercer...and yes you were the man who brought me from nothing. You drove me into the light and made me a superstar and i am personally going to plan a HUGE coronation for KING MERCER this week right in the COTR ring. You don't have to doubt me Mercer...we are a unit built to destroy the competition and clearly built to hold every bit of POWER here in the COTR!"

He motions to Tyson and himself.

Creed: "We are proud to have you on our team and i can assure you that i would never dream of harming the man who gave me everything!"

Creed takes a seat and looks at Mercer.

Creed: "And if i got caught up in the heat of the friend...understand it was all a huge misunderstanding."

Creed grins and extends his hand to Mercer.
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PostSubject: Re: MONEY IS POWER (NEW CHAMPION) closed promo for power   Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:11 pm

Mercer shakes his hand and gathers his title to his chest.

Mercer: "The past is the past and Creed your really proved yourself out there today...we walked in a team we walked out as a team but with a title and i'm telling you guys right now...the only way im losing this title to anyone is through my cold...dead...hands."

Mercer grips the title, Creed so graciously cared for.

Mercer: "This title is symbolic of our grasp over the COTR and guys...once we get Creed here to the top we'll be unstoppable!"

Mercer looks to Tyson.

Mercer: "Tyson this is POWER pushing past obstacles together to boost ourselves and each other to the top, Tyson..."

Mercer looks to Tyson, still clutching his title.
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PostSubject: Re: MONEY IS POWER (NEW CHAMPION) closed promo for power   

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MONEY IS POWER (NEW CHAMPION) closed promo for power
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