The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Mystery Interviewed Before Match 4.1

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Character Sheet
Alias: Mystery
PSN ID: OldMystery81
Finishing Move(s): The Solution

PostSubject: Mystery Interviewed Before Match 4.1   Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:16 pm

Quinn: I'm standing outside the locker room hoping to get a word with Mystery before his match with The Savior Paul Inpact.

The door opens and a focused Mystery emerges. He stops and looks Quinn up and down.

Quinn: Mystery, a word please.

Mystery: Ya sure Quinn but make it a quick one.

Quinn: Well I wanted to get a word with you at Advent Champions but you quickly disappeared after the money in the bank match.

Mystery: Ya, well, you seemed to be a little busy in the interview department with Inpact, Justice, and those Power boys. Not to mention the fact that Justice dropped me on those ladders a few times. Even bouncing my face off of one of them. So I left and got myself patched back up.

Quinn: So then how are you feeling today? How are you going into this match tonight?

Mystery: How do I feel Quinn?

An angry look appears on his face.

Mystery: I feel like...., I feel like...., GET A CLUE QUINN!

Mystery's angry turns into psychotic happiness with a devilish grin

Mystery: I feel like I'm gonna kick some savior ass tonight. You see he may have beaten me in our first match. He may be Mr. Money In The Bank. But... he's also more experienced then me, and that's his down side Quinn. That's why I know I can beat him.

Quinn: I don't understand. How is his being more experienced his weakness?

Mystery: Because Quinn, you've seen my matches here. I will be the first to admit I don't have the best win loss record. But if theres one thing I got going for me. All of these guys have had to work real hard to take me down. So with that said, Savior..., Inpact...., Mr. Money In The Bank.....I have nothing against you. But I hope your prepared, because I am.

Before Mystery can say anything else the camera pans to Inpact walking down the corridor towards Quinn and Mystery

Mystery offers his hand and a show of respect.
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Character Sheet
Alias: The Savior
PSN ID: mrinpact16
Finishing Move(s): Inpact Buster, Flying Elbow Drop

PostSubject: Re: Mystery Interviewed Before Match 4.1   Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:38 pm

As the Savior walks up to Mystery with his new Money in the Bank breifcase in hannd with his new logo on front and back of it he shakes Mystery's hand.

Paul: Hey there Quinn how you doing today? Mystery....

Paul gives a wink at Quinn as he then turns his head at Mystery with a smile of determination on his face.

Paul: Well Mystery you better be prepped up for our match becauase honestly there is no way I'm letting you win tonight. Just to let you now.

Paul moves Mystery more into his face.

Paul: Now get ready for round three and give me a hell of a fight.

Paul backs away slowly stopping to give Quinn a kiss on the hand and walk away.

Quinn: Well you heard it hear folks The "Savior" vs. Mystery tonight and its next.
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Mystery Interviewed Before Match 4.1
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