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 ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)

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PostSubject: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:58 pm

Cotr pyros shoots off as another ppv has just ended as the cameras zoom out you see a red mat covering the ring with expensive decroration in side.

Anderson: Good evening folks you are now tuned in to a special 3 hour live COTR show today. We are here in Dallas TX where they have now won a nba championship over the miami heat, can you believe that greg.

Greg: No i cannot i was sure miam was gonna win, i was going for dallas anyway so i am so happy to see dirk and kidd finally get a ring.

POWER by kanye west hits and surrounds the whole arena.

Greg: Oh no, the devil himself is about to enter the arena.

Anderson: Shut up Greg, you need to give this man respect he is the new cotr world champion.

Greg: Yeah he won it with two other members of power in the match, so you know who they were rooting for.

Anderson: Come on Greg this man is a beast in the ring, he is the first person ive seen win the tag team titles by himself, inpact didnt help, he has won many matches, he ended killton streak, he has turned Creed to a millionaire, this man is a genius, and now he is our world champ.

Greg: Whatever.

Mercer rolls up in a all red bugatti beeping the horn as the crowd boos extremly loud, Mercer finally gets out with title in hand in a all black european cut armadi suit with matching shoes and glasses. He also has on a diamond watch and earrings. Mercer still standing next to car embracing the boos with a smile on his face, he slings the title on his shoulder and starts to walk to the ring.

Quinn: Here is your new cotr world champion Mercer

As Quinn Calls his name Mercer standing at the end of the ramp holds the title up in the air pointing to it yelling to the crowd I TOLD YOU while laughing at the same time. Mercer finally makes it to the stairs but before walking up, he stops to laugh at a cotr fan's poster that says power more like power-less. Mercer shakes his head at the heckling fan as he proceeds to the apron, he stops to have one of the cotr crew members hold the ropes for him to get in. Mercer swoops in holding his world belt on his shoulder smiling like never before, he grabs a mic from the crew member.

Anderson: I am so proud of this great man, he is truly an idol, an icon, must i go on.

Greg: Please dont.

Mercer: Hello you peasants, before we start, i have one thing to tell you, Dallas sucks and the only reason why they won is because the refs were cheating. lebron just texted me that and i believe him. Looks like the NBA has some more paid refs on there hand.

Crowd: Boooooooooooo

Mercer: HAHAHAHAHA, oh yeah i forgot, I am your new cotr WORLD CHAMPION.

The crowd grows louder in boos while Mercer holds his belt in the air.

Mercer: Aw shut up, you booing does not change the fact that i am the world champ, so get over it. Now im not here to celebrate winning the world title.... no im not... me winning the world title is no surprise i was going to win it sooner or later, its just a new acheivement i have done in this world exspecially in the best wrestling federation there is today, THE COTR.

The Crowd starts to show mix feelings some cheering on the compliment by Mercer but some booing him because they hate him. Mercer starts to shake his head and laughing.

Mercer: Look at you idiots not knowing what to do, i give the cotr a compliment and you cheer me after i have insulted you all, all the time. See thats how mindless you people are. Anything will get you all hyped, well the cotr would not be as great if it wasnt for POWER. Anyways ive had enough time to celerate, Creed threw a great party for me last night, and now its time to get back to business. But back to power, that is me Mercer, Hollywood Creed, and the two time retained cruiserweight champion Tyson. Now if thats not power i dont know what is. But... you see were not complete. were not complete at all, i still need one more person to fill in so we could dominate all divisions and take over the cotr.

The Crowd: Booooooooo

Mercer: Well is we havent taken over cotr already.

The Crowd: Booooooooo

Mercer shrugs his shoulders.

Mercer: But before we get into our new member of power.Tyson, Creed, get yall talented and rich selves out here and come join me in yet another chapter in history for power.

Mercer stands mid ring and waits for Tyson and Creed to come out.
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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:23 pm

Creed walks out just in time to sing along with the lyrics in his song with a devilish grin as the entire arena boos him. He wears a plain white t-shirt with a charcoal Dolce and Gabbana vest over it. Along with the vest/t-shirt combo he wears fitted Andrew Mckenzie dark grey jeans and matching shades. A small diamond studded chain is linked from his front left pocket to his pocket. Naturally he has on a Tag Heuer diamond studded watch and matching earrings. He stands on the ramp for awhile showing off his gear to the bitter COTR universe. He begins to walk down ramp but stops abruptly dropping to his knees as pyros go off. He rests on his knees as the pyro smoke swirls around the area and shakes his head, enjoying his new regal lifestyle. He hops up and begins his walk down to the ring, Dunkleman free. He leaps to the apron and steps inside the ring only to step back out and straddle the middle rope pointing to his impeccably groomed face. He finally steps fully in-ring and shakes Mercer’s hand in respect before hopping on the top-rope as his music dies. He poses for a second before jumping down and rips a microphone from an unsuspecting stage hand.

He tilts his shades down over his nose and grins looking into the hard camera.

Creed: “Let me start by saying this…so it’s understood, solidified and undisputed...”

He steps back and points towards Mercer as the crowd boos.

Creed: “That man right there is the WORLD champion!”

The crowd boos as Creed pauses for a second to admire his very expensive watch.

Creed: “Aside from the king of kings becoming the true champion I did something that I should have did to become the first ever world champion…but I can show you better than I can tell you…”

Creed motions towards the back and Dunkleman comes out to Killton’s music. He is dressed like Killton but not in a powerful way. His belly hangs from under the ‘Killton’ costume and his balding head shines from underneath the ‘killton’ mask. He walks down ramp and shuffles in-ring standing before Creed as the crowd boos. Creed slinks down a bit, talking to Dunkleman as killton, as if he were a child.

Creed: “Killton..what do you have to say for yourself after losing to the Hollywood heartthrob Creed?”

Dunkleman ‘killton’: “I AM THE STREAK!”

Creed rises and walks over to Mercer as they both share a laugh. Creed walks over to him laughing again.

Creed: “Yes you are…whose the streak?”
Dunkleman ‘killton’: “I AM THE STREAK!”

Creed: “Who’s the streak?”

Dunkleman ‘killton’: “I AM THE STREAK!”

Creed: “Yeah you’re the streak alright Killton…the streak in Inpact’s tighty-whitey’s that’s what…you are get your ass out of the heartthrobs face!”

Creed muffs Dunkleman and sends him to the mat as they share a laugh. Mercer goes over to Dunkleman and kicks him the rest of the way out of the ring.

Creed: “And if you people even think about cracking a smile Creed’s gonna’ personally come wipe it off of all of your faces right now…this is for POWER’s amusement not yours!”

The crowd boos as Creed shrugs them off and continues a smug grin playing at the corner of his lips.

Creed: “But on a serious note a moment of silence for Aaron Webb…”

Creed bows his head for one second and continues.

Creed: “That’s all you’re going ta’ get from me buddy boy…rot in peaces because even in death Webb I won’t share my spotlight…my shine…with any of you degenerates!”

The crowd boos as Creed once again laughs with Mercer before continuing.

Creed: “Creed can go on and on and on but he won’t because he doesn’t want to waste his words on you people instead he’ll introduce the ONLY cruiserweight champion in COTR history…the VOICE of the COTR…a man whose become like a brother to me…TYSON!”

Creed motions towards the ramp waiting for his fellow team mate.
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Josh Pilgrim


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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:24 am

Money To Blow by Birdman hits and Tyson strolls into the arena golden mic and a gift in hand. He takes the time to perform his entrance as well as he can with the mic and the gift. He walks up to both Creed and Mercer shaking both of their hands, and then pulls the mic up to his mouth.

Tyson: Money is Power... and we have plenty of money! Power has dominated even over the small time we have been here. We now posses two of the four COTR titles and rule three of the four divisions. The Heavyweight Title is vacant and man I can't see anyone other than Creed taking that one home if the GM is smart enough to put him into it. Mercer I would again like to congratulate you on your win in the Elimination Chamber. Fantastic bit of wrestling there. Power is here and we are COTR.

The crowd boos and begins to chant
"WE ARE COTR" over and over again.

Tyson: Regardless of what you say you know the truth that I speak! Well I guess I will give the floor to Mercer so he can make our announcement...

Tyson steps back and looks to Mercer waiting for him to speak...
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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:47 am

The Crowd: Boooooooooo

Mercer looks at both Creed and Tyson proud of what he sees.

Mercer: Well thank you Creed and Tyson, I couldnt think of anyone else to be at my side. Well with the whole gang here.... wait were missing someone.

Anderson: Oh yeah who is the new member of power.

Greg: Oh no were going to have another power hungry individual.

Anderson: Shut up Greg and let the man speak.

Mercer starts to stare at Greg with an evil look in his eyes. He then starts to smile and look toward Creed and Tyson again for confirmation of his announcement.

Mercer: Yes were missing one more person, I have been watching her matches and she bleeds potential, she is the most charismatic diva in the cotr, the furture of the cotr, and the future womens champion and can probably beat Inpact sorry ass.

Mercer, Tyson and Creed starts to laugh.

Mercer: So come on out here Brittany, so you can offcially join the most powerful group in cotr history.
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~[Bitch]~Brittany Claire

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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:21 am

Buttons by the PussyCat Dolls immediatly begins to play after Mercer finishes speaking. Brittany slowly struts out to the top of the ramp. She is dressed in a tight, sparkling black tubetop, a matching miniskirt, and black stilletos. She bends over and slides back up with her hands resting on her hips like her normal entrance. The crowd lets out a loud boo as she struts down to the arena with both hands on her hips. She steps up the steel steps carefully and bends through the ropes slowly so that anyone could get a view if they wished. She steps onto the corner, sliding her arms around elegantly as gold lights begin to flurry down around her. She steps down and raises the mic to her mouth.

Anderson: Wow! They chose one foxy and talented woman to grab the belt for them!

Greg: Brittany may have a pretty face but I can't see how any man could trust her!

Brittany Claire: Ahhh, boys. Mercer, Creed, and Tyson... the most handsome, rich, and powerful men in all the CoTR.

She rests on hand on her hip and she slowly struts around them, eyeing them up and down.

Brittany Claire: Our man Anderson is right. Je suis la diva sexy et le plus fort ici. Personne ne peut me battre sans tricher. I'm the strongest and sexiest diva here. No one can beat me without cheating. You chose the best woman in the world for your conquest.

Brittany slides her hand against Creed's back as she passes him, winking in a sultry manner before moving on.

Brittany Claire: The only woman I have faced and not beat in some way or form is Vanessa Williams, and it's only because it's only natural a singe - gorilla - would be difficult to beat as human woman without a gun.

She 'drops' her mic infront of Mercer, giggling innocently and bending down slowly to grab it and rise up.

Brittany Claire: Don't let my beautiful looks fool any of you - if you have seen my matches, I am one of the best acrobatiques - acrobatics - in the women's division.

Brittany leans against the ropes, eyeing the three men as the crowd boos her.

Brittany Claire: Not to mention... I do have a victory over the current champion of my division. So relax... I've seen what you can do, and you've seen what I can do. The CoTR is our's.

Brittany swings her long, dark hair around with a small laugh as her theme begins to start once more in a small celebration for her entrance into Power.

Anderson: It's only right these amazing men have this beautiful woman on their team!

Greg: Even if you think she's beautiful, she kinda seems like a femme fatal to me!
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PostSubject: Power   Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:35 am

Mercer: Yes we did pick the best and now we are COMPLETE, we are POWER. The most talented of them all, the complete package and now that we have Brittany to win the womens belt, there is...

Mercer yells and brings the mic up higher in the air.


Mercer: There is no one and i mean no one that can...

Before Mercer could finish he is interrupted by inpacts music...
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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:48 pm

Next thing POWER hears is Paul Inpact's new theme song Savior by Skillet.

(begins entrance at "Gonna be your Savior") Paul comes from behind the stage with his "Savior" t-shirt on, black denim jeans, new black and red Nike Air Force Ones, a leather jacket, and black sun glasses, with his Money in the Bank breifcase in hand with his "Savior logo on it, after he does his push ups he stops there at the entrance then ask for a mic. His music dies out.

Paul: Well, well, well, if it isn't the douchebags and the douchette all in one ring together. It's a Kodak moment right now. But onto why I am out here. You guys think that you are the most domenent group in CotR history?

Anderson: Yeah they sure as hell are and you could of had all that glory instead of going to these idiot fans!

Greg: Will you shut up and stop interupting important people?

Anderson: There is nothing important this sell out has to say.

Paul: Now when people think they have "POWER", somebody has to rise up against that "POWER". But the thing is you can never do it alone. That's why I gathered up my own group of stars to help me rise up against your opression. The first one is of course me The "Savior", Mr. Money in the Bank, the future Champions of the Ring World Champion, Paul Inpact!

Crowd: SAVIOR x5

Paul: But now on to the next star. He is the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of the CotR. Also very hated by you Tyson. Here is Justice!

Justice music begins to play throughout the arena.
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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:32 am

Justice comes out in his casual attire, a long sleeve white dress shirt with his new Justice T-shirt over the dress shirt, allowing the collar to pop out over the neck of the t-shirt. He is also wearing a pair of dark blue baggy jeans with a bike chain hanging from the front right belt loop, reaching down halfway between his knee and hip, around to what would be assumed as his wallet. His shoes are simple black and white Tony Hawk "Ollies".

Greg: I like this team already!

Andersen: That man shouldn't even be in the CotR! He is a disgrace to this company!

Greg: Well you better get used to it, cause I think he's ready to start knocking some heads. Especially Tyson's.

Andersen: What my idiot broadcast partner is trying to say ladies and gentlemen, is that, Justice, being Tyson Stewart's slave over the past few months has somewhat given Justice a grudge against Ty-

Greg: Of course he has a grudge! What do you think, If at all!?

Andersen: Well, before you interupted me I was about to mention that the only reason Tyson had control over Justice is because he beat Justice in a match for the cruiserweight title, and thus, due to previous agreements for the stipulations as for the outcome, Jusitice became a slave to Tyson, then Nex-Gen member. So in my opinion, If Justice couldn't beat Tyson then, then there is no way he could beat him now!

Justice finishes his entrance into the ring, standing by Paul's side, cracking his knuckles, and nods to paul so he could continue with his announcements.

Crowd: Justice! Justice! Justice!
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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:39 am

Paul: Seems like this ring is getting a bit to small to hold all of us but don't worry I have one more guest to come down.

Greg: Come on I can't take the tension no more, please reveal the next the next star to take these idiots out!

Anderson: Probably just another loser who can't get the job done.

Paul: I will admit that me and this guy don't always see eye to eye but I still respect him and gave me some of the best matches ever. So here is the last "Mystery" man and some one who wan'ts to stomp you out Creed. The Mystifying Wrestler Mystery!

Waits for Mystery to come as his music begins to play throghout the arena.
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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:09 pm

Hurt by Johnny Cash plays through out the arena as everyone looks around.

Mystery comes from out of the crowd wearing his black 81 jersey, jean shorts, and a pair of DC's and sneaks into the ring right behind Power.

Mystery: GET A CLUE POWER!!!

The group of Power jumps out of there skin and parts the ring like the red sea. Mystery walks over to his new partners.

Mystery: So this is Power? Well let me make this short and just tell you, I'm not gonna stand by while you idiots destroy this company. I'm not gonna stand by and listen to you disrespect these fans any more. And you Creed, I'm sure done listening to the crap you've been spewing. Oh ya Creed, I got your number buddy. You see that title you want. Your gonna have to go through me to get it, cause that is the one thing I came here for. And I'll be damned if I let you disgrace the legacy of the Heavyweight Title.

Anderson: Yep, just what I thought. Another loser trying to ride the coat tails of Power.

Greg: This guy looks fired up, and it looks like Power now has an army against them.

Last edited by Mystery on Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:11 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : typo)
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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:56 pm

Creed swirls his mic in the air for a bit before walking over to the ropes leaning over them casually. He slowly brings the mic up to his lips and speaks.

Creed: “Is this what I’m supposed to be afraid of Inpact and his merry men.”

Creed shifts back to look at POWER and leans back on the ropes shaking his head.

Creed: “I’m not even going to speak to the rest of you I’ve acknowledged your presence and that’s enough to get you a few cheap pops from this lousy excuse of a city.”

The crowd boos as he continues to speak, his nonchalant attitude spurring on even more wrath from the audience.

Creed: “Mystery I’m going to say this and mean it with every fiber of my being.”

He pauses to swirl the mic for a bit, as if he’s thinking over what he’s about to say next.

Creed: “You don’t live up to your name kiddo’.”

The crowd unleashes an ‘f you creed’ chant as he stops to look around the arena. He looks back at POWER mouthing ‘can you believe these people’ to them waiting for the chant to die down. Once it has subsided he points at Mystery onstage.

Creed: “Listen to me…not them they’ll lead you to your own certain death to get their jollies off listen to me Mystery because until you sauntered from backstage and called out Creed…Creed didn’t have any problems with you so listen to me kid because this is some advice I don’t give to many. This is coming straight from the Hollywood heart throbs heart.”

He points to his chest while the crowd boos and continues to lean over the ropes.

Creed: “You don’t live up to the name Mystery…look at me! YOU LOOK AT ME!”

Creed removes his shades and tucks them into his vest pocket as the crowd boos.

Creed: “I want you to look into my eyes as I say this…you don’t live up to your name because your quite transparent in fact kid…your as shallow as a kiddy pool!”

The crowd boos and Creed continues still locking eyes with Mystery from a distance.

Creed: “But odd enough Creed kinda’ likes your style?!”

Creed turns to POWER feigning his respect for Mystery.

Creed: “Take notice to what Creed said he said he liked your style not respected it because he sees you for what you are another fan…another leech trying to step into the heart throbs spotlight!”

Creed shakes his head agreeing with his own egotistical thoughts.

Creed: “I get it…run out here call out a legend and get yourself made but what you don’t get is it should be a thrill that I’m even saying your name! Just me speaking your name is raising your credibility because let’s face it without Larry and Curly here pumping you up you’d be backstage fetching my Perrier!”

The crowd boos as again as Creed shifts lower on the ropes slightly, a mildly amused expression on his face.

Creed: “But what I really view you as Mystery oddly is a lump of clay.”

Creed uses his mic free hand to grasp at the air for a split second.

Creed: “You see mystery and a wise man once said this…the job of an artist is to deepen the mystery…”

Creed points to himself and grins.

Creed: “And me being a legend and all…and Hollywood star makes me and artist you see it’s my job…it’s my duty to craft you…you lumpy little mound of nothing…it’s my duty to form you…to make you into a worth while opponent. Because Mystery let’s be honest here if Creed chooses to he can bury you do you understand!”

Creed points to the ground still leaning on the ropes facing the three men.

Creed: “If he so chooses he can put you under a soil blanket so thick you’ll be laying right next to that waste of space Aaron Webb!”

The crowd boos and starts an ‘Aaron Webb’ chant shortly before settling down.

Creed: “In essence Mystery I’m going to make you a star…not because I want to…I’m going to make you a star just so I can add you to my ever growing constellation of accomplishments! Ask anyone around I’m the man to go to if you want to see who you really are Mysty boy…So before you going running off the deep end ask yourself…”

Creed removes his shades from his vest and places them on, tilting them slightly on the bridge of his nose, still leaning indifferently on the ropes.

Creed: “Am I really ready…am I really deep enough to spar with the Hollywood star….can I hang with the man with the twelve inch wang??!!”

The crowd boos as Creed lifts up from the ropes to adjust his pants. Some female fans cheer as the majority of the crowd boos. Creed grins and runs a hand through his hair.

Creed: “It’s no MYSTERY that the answer is no...kid….no…your not a threat…I’ll make you a star but I didn’t say you’d be a twinkling…you’re a shooting star kid…and your shooting for the bottom of the barrel if you continue on this charade with these ignoramuses!

The crowd starts a ‘you sold out’ chant for Creed before he steps back motioning to his fellow team mates.

Creed: “I’m done with this kid…anyone else in POWER got anything else to say?”

He looks to his team waiting for one of them to speak or be rudely interrupted.
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PostSubject: POWER   Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:23 am

Mercer looks around at everyone, first at Power, then at the Crowd and then at Inpact, Mystery and Justice. He then scratches his head in confusion.

The Crowd: Boooooooooooo

Mercer: sooooooooo...

Mercer backs up to see if he is seeing is true as everyone waits to see what he says.

Mercer: So this is it?

Inpact: Hell yeah bring it.

Mercer and the rest of Power bust out in laughter.

Mercer: Seriously... seriously... this is your team. So if I turn around and count to three, and then turn back around i will see all three of your ugly faces in front of me.

Mercer turns around covering his eyes counts to three and turns back.

Mercer: Well Inpact you really out done yourself this time kid. I mean to pick the best in the cotr to go against power. Seeing yall three it just... it makes feel scar...

Anderson: Is he about to say scare, no man can scare Mercer.

Greg: Mercer is scared of his own shadow.

Mercer starts to laugh, but then stops and stares at all of them with an evil look in his eyes.


Mercer yells as he takes off his jacket and slings it outside the ring.

Anderson: Uh oh.

Mercer: You dare look into my eyes and waist my time with this shit.

Mercer unbottons both cuff links angrily

Mercer: And in the meantime insult me and my groupmates, you sack of turtle shit.

Mercer rolls his sleeves up and loosens his tie to rip it off.

Mercer: Inpact you are a dumb, retarted, elephantiasis head asshole idiot to even fathom of taking down POWER.

Mercer unbottons shirt.

Mercer: Now go run along and all three of ya, go do some push ups or whatever it takes to grow some nuts. Go find out on how to be a man. Then come back out here when youve done that and get your ass whooped anyways. Except this time with your newly aquired balls, you can make some loser reject kids like yourselves and when they grow up, you can tell them a little story about the time when POWER made you grow a pair.

Mercer yells as he waits for anyone to speak.
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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:40 am


This sudden action Justice took to grab inpact microphone and give a ferociously intimidating yell sends shivers over not only Power, but the crowd as well as his teammates, but the crowd, quickly realizing that it is in fact, Justice, who gave the remark, begins to chant his name.

Justice: I just wanna throw out my two cents. Now, I stand here, next to these two men, because I respect them. I respect what they stand for. To rise up against oppressing forces, and to fight for what is right, at any cost. I stand here, against you, because you have no respect from me. No respect from these fans. And not from my teammates. "Money is Power"? That's nowhere near the truth. Look at our economy. It's not power, It's corruption. All the elected officials in congress, and the house of representatives, they arnt talking about our health-care, they arnt talking about the poverty, the rising unemployment rate, the rising gas prices, the school system, none of those things. Just like you fools, they are talking about thier next check, thier next payday, and if they should raise thier current payroll. Do you really think that's power? Power is the ability to do something extraordinary. Something that should be done for the good of the people, for these people.

Justice turns, lifting a finger, pointing to the audience, making them pop, and cheer for him as he spins back around to face Power again.

Greg: I have to agree with Justice, It's all about the CotR universe, our loyal fans.

Andersen: This is pathetic, he's lost to Tyson a dozen times and he's never come close to winning championship gold. Look at Power, Two belts, Money is Power

Greg: You're about as corrupt as these fools.

Justice: So let me think about this, I do have to give credit where credit is due. Tyson, you came in here, and you won the cruiserweight title on your own. Props. Doesn't mean I like you or respect you. Mercer, You won the world title, congrats, but did you really need help from these two?

He points at the two men on either side of Mercer.

Justice: And, uh, button up your shirt, you look like you've been in a car accident.... Which leads me to the other half of Power. Brittany.

He doesn't look at Brittany, in fact he's looking straight into the eyes of Creed, which sends both of them into a spiral of confusion.

Justice: You sold out dude. Classless. You used to be funny, too... And last but not least... uuuhh... Who are you again?

He stands before Brittany, completely lost as she's yelling at him, until it clicked in his head.

Justice: Oh, wait! I misread the memo! She's Brittany! See I-I thought he was Brittany, you know, cause he keeps changing his name and such. I just can't keep up with the guy... So, Brittany... uummm... nice clothes? Sorry, that's all I've got for you.

Greg as well as the crowd can't help but laugh at this.

Andersen: Stop laughing, you imbecil. He's being extremly disrespectful

Greg: Haha, oooh shut up Andy, and just watch.

Justice backs away from the four and stands looking at all of them.

Justice: Well ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Power, the sorriest bunch of classless, tasteless, pathetic individuals in the CotR.

The crowd boos Power and begins to chant Justice's name as he hands the mic back over to Paul with a smirk, feeling quite satisfied with himself.
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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   Thu Jun 23, 2011 3:05 pm

The "Savior" takes the mic back from Justice as he begins to speak.

Paul: Do you see what is standing before you Mercer? Do you see the men that plan to take you out for all the wrong you have done in this company? Do you see the millions of fans in the arena and around the world watching at home just waiting for me to kick my foot so far up your ass you will be shitting lases for a week?

Greg: Yeah go Inpact! You show Mercer and his henchmen that the CotR does not belong to them!

Anderson: As I can tell right now "Bear" is that Mercer is World Champ and Tyson is Cruiserweight Champ so they are half of the CotR right now. Plus Creed will soon win the Heavyweight along with the Tag Team belts with Tyson. Plus we all know that beautiful Brittany will be Divas Champ. I Promise You That!

Paul: You just don't get it do you Mercer there is always another "POWER" to stop yours. But we don't wan't control. We wan't freedom from having to see you each every week with your assholes by your side!

Crowd: Assholes x5

Starts to get in Mercer's face.

Paul: Don't also think I forgot how you and your little Hollywood boyfriend over there put me on the shelf for almost a year. Luckily for me I healed up fast but it's a bad time for you!

Raises his Money in the Bank breifcase next to Mercer's World Title on his shoulder.

Paul: That right there will be the begining of my time and the end of your career! These 2 men on my side will help me do that! What dp you have to say for yourself Mercer?

Slaps Mercer in the face a little to make sure he is paying attention.


Waits for Mercer's response.
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PostSubject: POWER   Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:02 pm

Mercer head shifts from the hit and it stays there while he laughed at Inpact. He then starts rubbing his cheek, and looks at POWER as if a fly just hit him.

Anderson: Did he just slap Mercer.

Greg: Yes he did.

Mercer: Thats all you got Inpact...huh...oh man youve gotten soft since this new changed attitude, my old grandpa with a gimp leg and arthritis hits harder than you see when you came out here strutting your stuff cause you have some sort of power in your hands. I was pissed, i was mad... but not to mad, i was gonna let you leave, i gave you the offer but instead you hit the GOD of wrestling.

Mercer points to himself still mad and trembling in anger.

Mercer: Now im gonna...

The crowd: Booooooooooooooooo

Mercer: Im gonna...

Mercer starts to laugh as everyone waits for his next move.

Mercer: Im gonna hit you back.

Mercer smiles in Inpacts face and then takes his world title belt off his shoulder and hits Inapct in his face. He then backs up to stand in the middle of his teammates. Inpact is on the ground while Justice is picking him up Mystery is standing next to them ready to fight. And on the other side stands Brittany next to Creed, with him and Mercer in the middle and Tyson next to him.

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PostSubject: Re: ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)   

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ONE MORE TO BE COMPLETE (closed for power brittany claire,inpact, justice,and mystery)
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