The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 New world Champion !!! (CLosed promo)

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(World Champion) Killton


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PostSubject: New world Champion !!! (CLosed promo)   Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:51 am

Greg: Welcome to the exciting Royal Royalty PPV.

Anderson: Yep and tonight we have a exclusive part where Killton will come to the ring and share his thought of becoming once again.... The world champion

*Killton enters the ring with flames behind him*

*Crowd chants "killton" again and again*

*Killton enters the ring holding the world title on his shoulders*

Killton: Once again the Demon, the DOminator of COTR wins the world title, the most prestigous title in this league.

*Crowd chants "Lets go Killton"*

Killton: I am the first man ever to be a two time champion. Since i lost my title in Elimination Chamber i knew it, that i will come up and send every one in my path to HELL!!!

Killton: Tonight there will be a RR match, winner will face me.... Well all i got to say is who ever wins is going to suffer pain and suffering that they have never ever seen before..

* Killton leaves the arena*

Greg: Killton just got lucky i bet even i can bet him.

Anderson: i will sirtenly feel sorry for the person who wins the RR. I mean Killton is the Demon of COTR. He has dominated the ring since his debut.
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New world Champion !!! (CLosed promo)
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