The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Losing Streak.....(Closed promo)

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Alias: PRO
PSN ID: Cody_The_Pro
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PostSubject: Losing Streak.....(Closed promo)   Tue Jul 12, 2011 1:05 am

As COTR returns from commercial break, the lights start to flicker, and the whole place starts to fill with red mist.

Andersen: *cough* WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS SH*T!

Greg: It can only be from 1 man.......

Andersen: Who is i-

*Andersen is cut off mid sentence as Cody's face appears on the titantron*

Andersen: Good god......

Cody: Hello fans, sell outs, and champions of COTR.....Long time no see. I've kept quiet because of some unfortunate things happening. The collapse of the great Elite, went from the most powerful group in COTR, to a 0.05 overall. You know why? Some lazy ass f*ckers thats why. Ah yes, Aaron Web,Dani and who can forget, HATCHET. Hatchet, it was your job to make sure things were kept under control, making sure that we would inflict pain on whoever was in our way. But you didn't, you gave up. And for those of you wondering where he went, I put him in his place, A coma in the hospital. Now that he's out of the way, Elite is officially DEAD. Another thing I wanted to address is something that I will not make excuses for. I've been on quite a losing streak, because of improving and new great talent. This does not mean I will stand back on my throne, THIS DOES NOT MEAN I WILL NOT MAKE SURE PEOPLE SUFFER, THIS DOES NOT MEAN I WILL CONTROL ALL OF YOU, I WILL STEP UP AND TAKE MY RIGHTFUL PLACE BACK!

*Cody's satellite signal is cutoff*

[20:41:24 31/07/11] CWChampTyson : Strange that Sunday is a slow day :/

[20:41:38 31/07/11] CWChampTyson : I guess without Cody we have nothing to do Razz
[20:18:29] @ CodyChristo : HE'S DONE IT

[20:18:32] @ CodyChristo : HE HAS DONE IT

[20:18:40] @ CodyChristo : CODY HAS BROKEN HIS LOSING STREAK

[20:19:23] @ CodyChristo : BY GAWD JR

[20:20:26] Tyson Stewart : YAYAYAYAYAY


[20:20:38] @ CodyChristo : *buttcheek dances*

[20:20:41] Tyson Stewart : now brb

[15:12:11] Jimmy Poseidon : *buttcheek dancing*

[20:20:41] @ CodyChristo : OH YEAH

[20:20:46] @ CodyChristo : THIS BE GOING IN MY SIG
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Losing Streak.....(Closed promo)
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