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 How I met Aaron Webb

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@*Mr.BTY* Justin Bailey


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PostSubject: How I met Aaron Webb   Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:38 pm

Real name: Justin myers
Stage name: Justin Credible

Age: 22

likes: Codey(No Homo),Death,Blood,Murder etc

dislikes: Cody,Brittany,Shellfish


Justin myers was a motivated child in pre-school he exceeded his teacher's expectations.At the age of seven Justin's mother left because Justin's father would beat her.Justin secretly thought it was his fault so Justin vowed to never get into trouble to make sure his father wouldn't leave.

13 years later

Justin is accepted to Yale and while visiting home for christmas he notices some guy hitting a tree
with his bare hands

Justin: What are you doing?

???: Training what does it look like?

Justin: Your hitting a tree

???: Whats your name kid?

Justin: Justin myers Sir

???: Try and hit me

Justin: What!!!

???: Hit me

*Justin Swings at the mystery man*

*Mystery man catches the punch*

???: Your strong

Justin: Thanks i guess i'll see you later?

???: Yeah

Justin: I never got your name

???: Aaron Webb

*Justin walks away*

*Justin goes back the next day and sees Aaron*

Aaron: What are you doing here?

Justin: Can i ask you a question?

Aaron: Ask away

*Aaron continues to hit the tree*

Justin: Can you train me?

Aaron: Hmmmm you do have potential

Justin: Please?

Aaron: Fine training starts at 5:00 am

Justin:I can't i have to go back to college

Aaron: You train all the time or never

Justin: Fine

Justin drops out of college to train with Aaron until one day Aaron leaves

*After training for the day*

Justin: Same time tomorrow

Aaron: I gotta go kid

Justin: Where ya going

Aaron: To persue a career in professional wrestling keep training i know someday we will meet again

Justin continues to train and also goes to pro wrestling but he never gets a chance to face because of his death

And the rest is History©

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How I met Aaron Webb
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