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 COTR and Wall Street

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PostSubject: COTR and Wall Street   Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:24 pm

The camera comes on on Wall Street and follows Mr. Stewart up to the New York Stock Exchange and as he walks in he signals for the camera men to stop following him.

A couple hours later he walks back out looking rather happy.

By this time reporters have swarmed outside and are ready with questions as he comes out.

Reporter: Mr. Stewart, Mr. Stewart! What was it that you were doing in there?

Mr. Stewart: Everyone will find out soon enough so I might as well tell you. I have decided to become more involved in my sons life and have now purchased 75% of COTR in its stocks.

Reporter: With that much of the company your own what will you now change about COTR?

Mr. Stewart: Who says anything will change?

Mr. Stewart walks away and the camera goes black...
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COTR and Wall Street
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