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@*Mr.BTY* Justin Bailey


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PostSubject: BRITT LOOK AT THIS   Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:43 am

Britt shit like this is the reason divas and knockouts only get one match a show


and this

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~[Bitch]~Brittany Claire

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PostSubject: Re: BRITT LOOK AT THIS   Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:25 pm

First off, the knockouts don't get just one segment. They sometimes get two segments and two matches. Right now, they have multiple feuds going on. Despite also not being the best wrestlers, TNA is not dumb when it comes to it's women's division and proves giving their women character and storylines can make them popular, even when a few women are lackluster wrestling wise.

Second off, why is that the reason? The divas get 45 seconds, and the men just want to see sexy things. So, what does that mean? The women find PG-esque ways to look sexy. And sadly, that just shows how underused they are. And don't say it's because the women suck. Whether they're using Beth or Kelly Kelly, they're giving the same amount of time. The WWE only further's their stupidity by releasing Melina last night who, although sloppy lately, has the ability to be a good wrestler. Gail Kim *asked* to be released on Monday, and showed so on twitter, because she realized how stupid WWE is with their diva division. They told her to be out of the ring in less than a minute, while the Bella twins(who have improved a little, but still suck and need to get better), stayed until the end.

Did the divas choose for the Bella twins to go to the end?

No. So don't go around blaming them 100% for it. Do they deserve some of the blame for not training properly? Yes. Do they deserve all of it? No. Whether they're using Beth Phoenix or Kelly Kelly, they get the same time. However, thanks to CM Punk, Beth and Natalya are heels and getting time. Plus. Golddust is their new agent, much like Finlay was when Trish and the good women were around. So while the WWE is dumb with the divas division, they're redeeming a little. Though, the real dumb part is that despite the fact the women can be entertaining, the WWE decides not to use them for entertaining purposes, just a bathroom break. I mean, I read one time during a house show Rosa Mendes got as much heat as whoever the fuck was top heel of Smackdown at that time.

Also, dumb one, the knockouts just got two PPV matches.

So stop acting like a dickhead and posting shit like this. ~ Thanks!

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