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 Another Injury!?

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Alias: Justice
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PostSubject: Another Injury!?   Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:19 am

Justice's music plays and the crowd goes crazy, as Justice emerges onto the stage on crutches and a boot.

Greg: Oh no, what happened?

Justice limps down the ramp toward the ring, going around it toward the barrier where they crew are holding out i microphone for him.

Justice takes the mic as the crowd and music dies down.

Justice begins speaking into the microphone but no sound is produced.

Greg: Looks like we are, um, experiencing technical difficulties...

Justice tries to get the mic to work for about 30 seconds until one of the crew hands him a new one.

Justice: Is this on?

From the crowds explosion of noise and cheers Justice is surprised about the fanbase he has.

Justice: Well, obviously it is. So let me get straight to the point. Over the last week I was in Green Bay, Winsconsin doing some "House Shows" when all of a sudden, I went to stand up and, wouldnt you know it, my ankle cracked. So with that being said, while I wait for this to heal up, since I love you guys so much, and I really don't want to sit in the back and watch from a television screen, I thought I might come out here and perform some commentary with good old Big Bear.

The crowd cheers as Justice limps around the announcers table over next to Bear and takes a seat after shaking his hand.

Greg: Wow, Justice, great to have you join us, gonna stick around?

Justice: Oh yeah, I'm staying out here until this ankle is healed up.

Greg: Well I happy that your over here. Just wish it wasn't under this kind of circumstance. I hate to see a Superstar of your caliber be out for a week let alone a mo-

Anderson: Oh blah, blah blah. Hey Justice! you failed to mention you were going to be doing commentary with me too. I'm the number one journalist this company has, and I don't see why either one of you should be out here at all!

Justice: Is... he always like that?

Greg: Only when he hasn't had his apple juice.

Anderson: Oh very funny Greg. So now I'm out here doing commentary with tweetledee and tweetledumb.

Greg: Why don't you learn to shut your mouth Andy?

Justice: Hey, can we get on with the show? I wanna see the next match...
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Another Injury!?
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