The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Week 1.1 Match Card

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GM Ryan Lee
GM Ryan Lee

Age : 33
Location : Moorpark, CA

Character Sheet
Alias: Ryuu Lee
PSN ID: kaydinv
Finishing Move(s): Dragon Suplex

PostSubject: Week 1.1 Match Card   Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:25 pm

Welcome to the debut week of Champions of the Ring! Below you will find information for each match for the week of January 31st. The following section details the Match Setup information and Match Rules for every Division this week (with the exception of Tag Team). Please report all Match Results in the Match Results Thread.

Match Setup
Match Type: (Specified Below)
Arena: Night of Champions (Change this last or the game will reset to Smackdown)
Allow User Created Content: On
Entrance: On
Match Rules: Default (Do not change the Match Rules unless specified below)
The hosts are in dark blue below.

Remember, One vs One matches are best 2 out of 3 Games and ends once someone gets 2 Wins (do not play out).

Matches for Monday, January 31st - Sunday, February 6th

Champions: Josh Mayes vs Killton
PSN IDs: SgtPepper619 | salmaan1
Usernames: SgtPepper619 | salmaan
Match Type: Normal One on One

Final Result: Dragonfly WINS
Champions: Dragonfly vs Skull Beast
PSN IDs: recksjr | undertakerrollin
Usernames: RecksJr | DeathValleyRiders
Match Type: Normal One on One

Final Result: "Money" Mercer and Paul "The Savior" Inpact WIN
Champions: "Money" Mercer, Paul "The Savior" Inpact vs Terrance "The Swift" Newman, Azul Guerrero
PSN IDs: T4president, mrinpact16 | CANYOUBLAMEME, kaydinv
Usernames: Money_4life, InpactSavior | CANYOUBLAMEME, kaydinv
Match Type: Normal Tag Team

Final Result: Cody Christo WINS
Champions: Cody Christo vs Paul "The Savior" Inpact

Match Type: Normal One on One

Final Result: Dragonfly WINS
Champions: "Money" Mercer vs Dragonfly
PSN IDs: T4president | RecksJr
Usernames: Money_4life | RecksJr
Match Type: Normal One on One

Champions: Cody Christo vs Josh Mayes
Match Type: Normal One on One

Champions: Tyson Stewart vs Apollo "The Joker" Creed
PSN IDs: CANYOUBLAMEME | consequencecreed
Usernames: CANYOUBLAMEME | Creed_
Match Type: Normal One on One

Final Result: The Joker WINS
Champions: Apollo "The Joker" Creed vs Azul Guerrero
PSN IDs: consequencecreed | kaydinv
Usernames: Creed_ | kaydinv
Match Type: Normal One on One


Final Result: Killton WINS
Champions: Terrance "The Swift" Newman vs Killton
Usernames: CANYOUBLAMEME | salmaan
Match Type: Normal One on One

For those of you without a picture yet or who want to get your picture changed, PM me a link to the picture on the Community Creations site as soon as possible. You'll notice a lot of these aren't from the Community Creations site and that is because RecksJr (Dragonfly) helped get all of these pictures up by downloading your CAWs. Special thanks to him for his hard work.

I've included each person's PSN ID so you can contact each other in game if you desire. If PSN ID says "Send PM" it means that the person hasn't updated their Character Sheet.

Good luck to all Champions!
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Week 1.1 Match Card
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