The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Mr. Hyde has arrived (and Dr. Jeckle came along for the ride!)

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Alias: Dr. Jeckle
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PostSubject: Mr. Hyde has arrived (and Dr. Jeckle came along for the ride!)   Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:37 pm

The arena glows with color and then

begins to play and a man in a yellow and purple robe walks into the arena seemingly talking to himself about something very serious.

Mr. Hyde: Should I really come out yet?.... Yes, yes this is good we need to get out here and explain ourselves.. I guess your right... Of course I am right lets get out there and do... something...

The crowd laughs a bit and then anticipates what Mr. Hyde has to say.

Mr. Hyde: Well could someone please get us a nice mic?

One of the sound crew comes up and hands him a mic.

Mr. Hyde: umm... Dr. Jeckle would you like to begin?... Sure if you want me to... Yes that would be best... Alright... So as all of you know we recently wrestled at a house show against one called --- What was his name?.. Jason Justice... Oh yes yes Jason Justice. We won the first match and then were defeated the second time around... Yes it was really my fault the second time... Oh don't say that... But it was... No it was just a hard fought good match that WE came up a little short on... Your right... Anyways we have chosen to officially begin truly being a part of this company and to do that we needed to gain the approval of you... Yes that is right Dr. Jeckle we want you, the COTR Universe, to give us the blessing to continue in COTR... So what do you say? Will you let Mr. Hyde and I be a part of this great company?

The crowd is speechless for awhile and then slowly but surely they begin to clap and cheer.

Mr. Hyde: Well Dr. Jeckle... Yes Mr. Hyde it does appear as if we have been accepted.

Mr. Hyde smiles and waves out at the audience. Throughout this Andersen, Greg, and Justice have just looked on with bewilderment.

Andersen: Well that was... interesting to say the least.

Greg: I don't know what to even say.. What about you Justice?

Justice looks at Gregs shakes his head and laughs a little.

Mr. Hyde turns to the announce table and takes a short bow before turning exiting the ring and heading up the ramp.
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Mr. Hyde has arrived (and Dr. Jeckle came along for the ride!)
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