The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 In the locker room.

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PostSubject: In the locker room.   Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:32 pm

The camera's come on in the lockeroom where one of the backstage attendants and Mr. Hyde are looking down the row for a free locker for him.

Attendant: How about this one?

Mr. Hyde: Come on we have told you a thousand times we are gonna need two lockers! One locker is to small for the two of us.

Attendant:... Right... Well how about these two.

The camera scrolls onto what used to be Mercer and Creed's lockers.

Mr. Hyde: What do you think Dr?... I believe this is exactly what we have been looking for!... Well as he said we will take them!

Attendant: Great. I will let you... two get settled in...

The attendant walks off quickly as Mr. Hyde begins to examine his new lockers.

Mr. Hyde: We will need to burn out all this junk that the last people left behind!... Yes indeed.... This piece of what appears to be the door to a mansion... That looks a little burned already... Yes indeed it does... How about this head bandage... Is this a steering wheel to a limo?!... It sure looks like it... Power T-Shirts... A very expensive looking pair of suits!... This should be quite the fire!... Yes indeed lets go burn this stuff now... Ok.

The camera goes black...
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In the locker room.
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