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 Does Cody fear Jimmy?

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PostSubject: Does Cody fear Jimmy?   Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:59 pm

Greg - "And ladies and gentlemen as we return to Wednesday Night of SuperStars, I think we're gonna have a few words from
Jimmy Henderson, who, two nights ago, went one-on-one with Jason Justice in a vicious Falls Count Anywhere match at Son of A Beach instead of battling for a shot at the World Cruiserweight Championship.

*Jimmy grabs a mic and is looking rather pissed*

Jimmy - "Now a few days ago, Ah wis scheduled te' face Jason n' Cody in a Triple Threat match so Ah cid go n' win mah first championship against Tyson. Hooever, because eh' some 'issues' with Cody....he no-showed the paypirview. And from wit Ah've heard from the guys in the back, (*In a sappy voice*)'his flight wis delayed'.

Cody, yi've git te' face the facts. Ne' matter hoo much you try te' avoid and fear me, you'll eventually have te' face me, and pay the price fir dein' so. Because Ah still want a little bit eh' revenge for somethin' that happened three weeks ago."

*Video package airs of the Triple Threat match between Jimmy, Azul Guerrero and Cody Christopher. After some match highlights, it shows the finish of the match, in which Jimmy manages to hit a Housten Hangover on Azul, but as he goes for the pin, Cody stops him and gets the pin for himself*

Jimmy - "To this day, Ah still havn't faced ye' one-on-one. But we've still git 10 days left eh' the PPV. This sunday, there's no escape fir ye' Cody, because when we do have that Triple Threat match, ah'll make sure it's YOUR shoulders that're on the mat, and Ah'll be on mah way te' the World Cruiserweight Championship!"

*Sound of Madness Plays*
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Does Cody fear Jimmy?
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