The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Throwing out the challenge

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Age : 19
Location : Bournemouth

Character Sheet
Alias: Next Big Thing
PSN ID: codeydbw
Finishing Move(s): Justice Serverd, The British Breakdown

PostSubject: Throwing out the challenge   Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:29 pm

Anderson: Look it's Jason Justice!

Greg: I wonder what he has to say?

*Jason climbs into the ring and grabs a mic from ringside*

Jason: Well alot has been going on so far in my im going to take a brief look at my career.

First was my encounter with current World Champion Killton....where he apparently ''Cursed''me....the only thing that cursed me was a injury from the chokeslam he delevered.

After I got back there was the funeral of Aaron Webb which is were I first met Brittany Claire, the bitch who disrespected Aaron! I also met Power, while me and Justin formed the Webb Of Hate, Power inducted Britty into their stable, we feuded for quite a while....until Mercer left because he was crying about ''unfairly'' losing his title due to the fact he thought his 3 way was a guantlet.

So my main focus was the then ''Fashionista'' well.....we saw how that turned out!

Then was the day ''The Drop Dead Awful'' Justin Jannetty turned on me because once again the Bitch know as Britt manipulated him into thinking i would hit on her. The most unbelieveable part of the story was him thinking she would actually apologize for anything!

And most recently i had a shot at CW Champ Tyson, we had some great matches...unfortunatly you arent looking at the new CW Champ.

Now I am looking at a bigger I want to call out one of my oldest enemys........Killton!

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(World Champion) Killton


Location : UK

Character Sheet
Alias: The Dominator
PSN ID: salmaan1
Finishing Move(s): last ride

PostSubject: Re: Throwing out the challenge   Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:45 pm

*Jason looks around trying to find Killton but he is not showing up*

Anderson: Looks like Killton is not going to show up

Greg: You got that....

*Killton jumps in the ring*

*The fans start cheering thinking Killton will not attack*

*Killton is behind him getting ready for his chokeslam*

*Fans start to boo him moore and more*

*Killton grabs Jason by the throat and lifts him up all the way down*

Anderson: KILLTON KILLTON KILLTON, My god what a sickening chokeslam from hell !!!

Greg:Killton looks like actions speak louder than words for him.

*Justin from no where shows up....*

*killton sets up for a second.....Suddenly*
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Throwing out the challenge
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