The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 And the arena goes pitch black..

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Age : 31
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Alias: Hatchet
PSN ID: X3rdDayX
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PostSubject: And the arena goes pitch black..   Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:29 am

Anderson - No way! Is that the music of who we think is?????

Greg - This is unbelievable! Hes back!

**Hatchet walks down the ramp as the crowd goes into pandemonium with disbelief..***

Greg - He looks scarier and meaner than ever Anderson.. Like hes been living in the woods!

Anderson - Wouldn't put it past him, that's where he came from the last time remember?

**Hatchet climbs into the ring and snaps at the ring announcer for a mic**

**as the crowd is starting to calm down to let him speak he stares at them with an evil grin**

Hatchet - Well I see alot has changed around here...

Anderson - You got that right..

Hatchet - Ive been away for some time. After the network collapsed above COTR's head I took some time to do some soul searching.. And you know what I found??

Nothing.. I am souless and I discovered something I pretty much already knew from the beginning.. I have been put here on this earth to hurt people..

In my recent travels I have dominated indie scenes with no introductions necessary and no paychecks required.. I show up.. Break some bones and leave..

**Crowd cheers**

Hatchet - But you know what?! that's not enough.. Not only do I want to hurt people.. I want the dam gold as well..

Greg - He looks like a man on a mission..

Hatchet - And i'm here to make my return and get what was always rightfully mine in the first place!!

If I have to start at the bottom and tear every single one of you backstage apart to get it.. Than SO BE IT!!

You will all be seeing me very soon...

**Drops microphone and music hits as Hatchet walks out..***

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And the arena goes pitch black..
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