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PostSubject: Create A Story   Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:19 am

Im going to be making a create a story starting from survivor Series called The Higher Power with a conspiracy when a group of faces called Destiny turn heel and hold all the titles including
World Heavyweight Champion:Undertaker
Tag Team Champions:John Morrison and Rey Mysterio
United States Champion:Triple H
they all lose there titles on the night causing a loss in faith at john cena at the end of the night causing a deal with a Higher Power in exchange for eliminating John Cena so the group does and later on they seem to be gaining control again after regaining the united states and tag team titles
when the Higher Power changes his mind and the group seems to cause even more turning on as they try and find a sutiable leader in exchange for him when a group of faces who have never been seen before join the scene as they speed up the destruction of the stable Destiny.
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Create A Story
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