The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Let's start some Dark Matches, shall we?

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PostSubject: Let's start some Dark Matches, shall we?   Sat Nov 26, 2011 4:58 am

WWE 12 has just released and I'm sure you are all just itching to start on some league games. Well until GM Ryan Lee figures out how we will create balance in the CotR with I am offering up my spare time (what little of it I have that is) to anyone who wishes to participate in a few dark matches. This week, my work schedule is kinda sorta strange so I will just post the times that I KNOW that I will be available (or at least should be).


Sat. 11/26/11 between 2:30PM and midnight (not sure how late, not sleeping night before so I may pass out earlier than midnight)

Sun. 11/27/11 between noon and midnight (may be earlier than noon, depends on how late i stay up on saturday)

Mon. 11/28/11 between 1:30PM and midnight

Tue. 11/29/11 between 1:30PM and midnight

Wed. 11/30/11 between 5:30PM and 2:00 AM

Thur. 12/1/11 between 9:30PM and 2:00 AM

Fri. 12/2/11 between 11:00PM and 3:00AM

Sat. 12/3/11 between 11:00PM and 3:00AM (may change, will not know what time I need to be at work on following Sunday until this Thursday)

Again, I SHOULD be here during those times, but you know how life likes to make it's own decisions without thinking right?

Hope to see you in the CotR ring!
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Let's start some Dark Matches, shall we?
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