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 CotR Tag Team Match Rule #5

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GM Ryan Lee

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PostSubject: CotR Tag Team Match Rule #5   CotR Tag Team Match Rule #5 Icon_minitimeMon Nov 28, 2011 11:40 am

Okay, I had to make a special thread just for Rule #5 of the CotR Tag Team rules. It's not that the rule is overly complicated, it's just that this new rule opens up a lot of possibilities to the former "Royal Tag Team" match and so I wanted to list them here so that people can really understand how awesome this rule is going to be in use (I hope).

Here is the rule from the official thread:

5. Double Teaming
If the legal opponent is groggy in your starting ring corner, your partner may enter the ring. This is considered a tag, and the partner entering the ring immediately becomes the legal man. You may now attempt one more move and then must immediately leave the ring. You also must leave the ring once the opponent takes damage from either person or reverses a move.

So, this rule makes the following set ups possible (and maybe others)...

Double Team Move
Irish Whip your opponent into the corner, wait for your teammate to enter the ring and for your opponent to recover and then both you and your teammate grapple the opponent, triggering a double team move.

High Impact Combo
Irish Whip your opponent into the corner, wait for your teammate to enter the ring, then perform a Superplex or other turnbuckle move and have your teammate follow this up with a diving or springboard attack of their own.

Whip Trap
Irish Whip your opponent into the corner, wait for your teammate to make it to the center of the ring, then Irish Whip your opponent again towards your teammate, allowing your teammate to catch them with an attack mid run.


As you can see from these examples, this rule allows a team to actually team up within our custom tag match rules. Some of these set ups are easier than others to pull off, but they all could definitely have their uses. Please, let me know what you think of the new rule in this thread or any questions you may have.
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CotR Tag Team Match Rule #5
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