The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 its been months since his last match

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PostSubject: its been months since his last match   Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:35 am

Justice stands in the middle of the ring with mic in hand as the crowd begins to chant his name.

Justice: Thank you guys very much. Now I know I've let you guys down last year, you know with the multiple title shots and the failing to win very many matches, and the being out of the ring for the last three months due to my leg injury, but...

Justice performs a standing backflip.

Justice: I'm back, baby!

This makes the crowd pop and erupt into applause and chants.

Justice: And since the new year will be starting soon, there is only one thing I can do. Make my New Year's resolution. And with that, my promise to you, my loyal fans, I resolve to gain championship gold by the end of the year!

Another flood of cheers flows throughout the arena as Justice smiles and nods in appreciation.

Justice: But there has been a change of plans...

The room falls silent with a few audience members yelling out "I love you" or "You Suck" or "Justice rules".

Justice: You see over the three month period I kept up my training, but this time, I trained my ass of to the point where, I no longer qualify for the cruiserweight championship, so Tyson, sorry, but, looks like you are gonna have to hold onto your title. But as far as Rival goes... You best watch your back buddy, 'cause I'll be chewing on it until I finally. Become. CHAMPION!!!

Applause rings out through the arena as Justice's music plays. He heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up it and lifting his hands in the air to entice another pop from the crowd.

(being left open)
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its been months since his last match
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