The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Another Rules Update

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GM Ryan Lee

Age : 32
Location : Moorpark, CA

Character Sheet
Alias: Ryuu Lee
PSN ID: kaydinv
Finishing Move(s): Dragon Suplex

PostSubject: Another Rules Update   Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:47 pm

Another Rules Update

Alright everyone, there are a couple rule changes coming down the pipe this week...

I've decided to change the starting Overall to 75. Starting at 70 and then moving to 75 seems to serve no purpose. This only forces new members to fight at a low Overall for a few matches before they get accepted into the league anyway (I originally thought this process would be longer or something).

A new rule is going to be set in place very soon, that will make it illegal to have NORMAL moves on your movelist that someone else has as a Signature Move and/or Finishing Move. Note that you can still have the same Signature or Finisher as someone else, but you can't have non-special moves that are the same as someone else's specials. Gabe has started a thread for people to list their Sigs and Finishers here:

Make sure to reply to that thread and to be SPECIFIC about what your move is. This holds especially true for created Finishers. Use the actual names in the CAF menu, not a loose description of what you see. Eventually, a post will be made listing every move that is currently taken, so you might as well start removing these special moves from your movelist now.

The reason for implementing this rule is to keep everyone's special moves SPECIAL. It doesn't feel special when someone uses your Finisher as a regular move. This rule will prevent that.

None of this is set in stone YET, so make sure to check back for any more updates this week.
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Another Rules Update
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