The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 ♠ The time has come... ♠

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PostSubject: ♠ The time has come... ♠   Sat Dec 24, 2011 6:21 pm

Reference to "The clock is


[Before the Breakout Tournament]

>> The Breakout Title
Tournament is about to begin and the interviewers are in the backstage area
trying to get some words from the superstars competing in the tournament.

Moments before the start of the
tournament, we return to the locker-room of the mysterious new superstar that
freaked out one of COTR’s cameramen.

An interviewer knocks on the door,
but there is no reply. As he insists, the ring announcer can be heard
explaining the stipulations of the Breakout Title Tournament. Immediately after
that the door opens and a man wearing a black leather jacket walks out, staring
at the camera. He has long dark messy hair, which was covering most of his
face. Under the dark hair, his face appears to be painted white with thick
black lines and bright red designs.

As the crowd remains silent, he
throws a spooky look towards the camera, revealing his dark red tinted eyes.

While trying to ignore his rather spooky aspect, the interviewer, asks him his
name. <<

Interviewer: Hello and welcome to COTR. What is your name?

Nick Suárez: My name is

Interviewer: What would be more
relevant then?

[Nick pulls out his pocket watch and
stares at it for a few moments. As the interviewer grows a little impatient, he
puts it back in his pocket and replies…]

Nick Suárez: The time has come...

Interviewer: Time for what?

Nick Suárez: It’s time for the gates of hell to open, time for The
Soul Hunter to make his presence felt…

Interviewer: Well, wh….

>> Nick Suárez rushes towards
the stage entrance before the interviewer could finish his question.

As the lights go black once again,
he’s officially introduced by the announcer, as Nick Suárez “The Soul Hunter”.
And he’s going to take part of the tournament.



[Breakout Title Match Ending]

>> Nick Suárez is on top of
the cage, and his opponent can’t find the resources necessary to pull him down
or at least shake the cage wall to avoid him from escaping.

After the adrenaline wore off, Nick dropped on his knees, holding his title. As the cage was being rised above the ring, it suddenly stops, while Nick slowly made his way back on his feet.
With one last effort he raises his title up, while his "Gates of Hell" pyro is set off on the ramp. The crowd cheers the new champion as he makes his way out of the arena. walking trough the gates of burning fire. <<
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♠ The time has come... ♠
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