The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 ♠ Starting a collection ♠

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PostSubject: ♠ Starting a collection ♠    Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:00 pm

♠ Starting a collection ♠

>> After the loss in the triple threat, where Jason pinned Nick to win the CruiserWeight title, Tyson blamed Nick for losing and afirmed that he didn't lose the title himself, and that he was a mere victim of the triple threat rules.

Having those factors in mind, the GM set up a Best out of 3 matches, between Nick Suárez and Tyson, at the Main Event Clash of the Champion. <<


[ Nick wins two consecutive matches, and gets the win over the former CruiserWeight champion ]

>> Sweet Dreams instrumental song hits as Nick leaves the ring and searches for his coat that is lying down on the floor next to the ring. Meanwhile, Tyson is resting in the ring, not believing he's suffered a loss against the man that "made him lose the title".
As the camera moves back on Nick, we can see that he pulled out some kind of metalic cross, that appears to have a sharp tip on the lower end.

The crowd freaks out, and a girl's scream alerts Tyson. Nick drops the cross, and goes to grab Tyson, but he manages to struggle his way out of Nick's grapple. While he struggled to get out, Nick managed to grab an armband of Tyson's.
As the former champion walks away, rather disturbed by the situation, Nick sits down on the mat, cutting Tyson's armband.

Nick spends quite a while in the ring, doing God knows what to the armand, but he eventually gets forced to get out of the ring by the security in order to have the Main Event of the night.


As the crowd is getting ready for the main event, a COTR crew member heads towards Nick's locker-room to check on him. He aproached the door and noticed that it was open; he walked in and noticed Nick Suárez standing on a chair in front of a big wooden chart, hanged on the wall. It's dark, and only light present in the room is a faint red light near the wall where the wooden frame is situated.

The camera zoomed in on the wall and revealed a piece of Tyson's armband, cut in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle piece. While the cameraman and the COTR worker still stare at the wall, Nick stands up and looks at the camera and explains himself <<

Nick Suarez || The Soul Hunter
You are looking at my Soul Collection. Every time a person falls prey to their dark emotions, they lose a part of their soul, just as our friend over here lost a part of his gear. Its as simple as that.

He'll be able to wear another armband, but that's not the point. This is just a symbolic example of how most of the people here destroy their souls, bit by bit.

The time has come to start making my collection grow; The crowd cheers for me....
I'm not here to make them cheer, or be their "superhero", I'm here to hunt down every sinful soul this place has to offer, and belive me that everybody has a dark secret...

As for the crowd, they might cheer me because they understand what I'm doing, or maybe they just like my fighting style or just cheers to make the show bettter. Nevertheless, I appreciate it, but I must move on and focus on my goal...

[Nick suddenly stares closely towards the camera]
And Jason, dont think for a second that your soul is safe... If you take a look arround here, you'll see that every one's clock is ticking, in it's own pase, but ticking...

>> As Nick finishes, the room's lights turn themselves on, revealing sand watches everywhere arround the room. Each one of them went on a differnt pace, and had a different name written on it, names of every member of COTR.

The camera zooms in on Jason's sand watch, showing that Jason has very little time left, compared to the others, whose grains of sand fell at a slower pace...
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♠ Starting a collection ♠
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