The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 ♠ Blind ♠

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PostSubject: ♠ Blind ♠    Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:57 pm

♠ Blind ♠

>> During the steel cage betwen Nick Suárez and Nate, The Soul Hunter unexpectedly refused to get out of the cage on two ocasions. Was he thinking about revenge for the Breakout Title, or was he just doing it to put on a show. Either of those, one thing is clear; Nick made a bad call, trying to hit a letha dive off the cage, twice in the match and they both missed. That lead him to a really bad state, making it relatively easy for Nate to pick up a win after the 2nd dive.

As Nick walks back to his locker room, he's greeted by an interviewer. Injured and not really in the mood to talk, he agrees to give a brief explaination about what happend. <<

Nick Suarez || The Soul Hunter
Why do you ask? I don't care about that loss, I was just out there to inflict damage. My main goal was to take advantage of the momentum Nate has, leading him into a match with me, so I could start to eliminate some competition out of my way back to the CruiserWeight title sight. But everybody has his demons, even myself...

I was blind by the need to get some sorts of revenge for the tournament, so I let the demon take over me, leading myself into selfdestruction. Tonight was just a reminder of the power these demons have over every single soul, just that I'm the only one to sit back and admit it.

Although today was a failurem, that doesn't change everthing, I will get up there once again. But a collection is completed piece by piece, and Nate Dunn is the next piece...

>> After finishing his statement, Nick walks towards his locker room, holding his injured shoulder as the COTR credits appear on the screen, marking the end of the show <<
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♠ Blind ♠
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