The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Hello Mr.Christo, I’m a huge fan!

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Mike Young


Age : 24
Location : England

Character Sheet
Alias: Mike Young
Finishing Move(s): Reverse STO

PostSubject: Hello Mr.Christo, I’m a huge fan!    Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:32 pm

Anderson: Welcome back to Champions of the ring ladies and gentlemen, if you have just joined us you’ve unfortunately just missed an amazing best of three match between “Mr Hollywood” Brandon Archey, and the impressive new comer known as The Dreamer.

Greg: But don’t you go worrying your pretty little heads about it, because up next we have a rematch from last week, featuring the oh so lovely Lauren Walker, and the oh so ugly Cody Christo!

Anderson: and speaking of Cody, I have just received word that he’d like to talk to us before his match tonight.

The cameras then switch from Greg and Anderson, to an angry looking Cody. However before he Cody gets a chance to say anything, a rather sexy blonde man, wearing a rather girly cut of T-shirt walks into the cameras view. Before gently patting Cody on the shoulder. Cody then turns to look at this man, before giving him a “Who in the blue hell are you?” look. The man then returns this look with a kind hearted smile, before shyly asking...

The man: Hello Mr.Christo, I’m a huge fan! May I get a picture or something?

Cody stares into the mans eyes for a brief second, before smiling at him. Cody then arrogantly says...

Cody Christo: .....What have you come as?

Before pushing the man out of camera view, and continuing with what he wanted to originally say. However before Cody has a chance to speak his first word, the man slaps Cody around the back of his head. A angry Cody then goes to punch the man, but he is able to duck this attempt. The man then nails Cody with a crushing kick to the mid section, before landing a devastating reverse STO to the hard concrete floor. The man then takes a photograph of himself out of his back pocket, before placing it on top of Codys head. The man then cockily speaks...

The man: You better keep that sir; it might be worth something one day.

He then smiles toward the camera, before quickly making an exit as the cameras returns to a confused looking Greg and Anderson at the announce desk.


Out of character comments: This is my first COTR roleplay, so I apologise if I got some things wrong (such as the character of the commentators, as well as Cody Christo himself) Thank you very much to Cody for allowing me to mug his character, and I hope you didnt mind me using your man during the segment.

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Hello Mr.Christo, I’m a huge fan!
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