The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 I am Jesus' favourite son!

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Mike Young


Age : 24
Location : England

Character Sheet
Alias: Mike Young
Finishing Move(s): Reverse STO

PostSubject: I am Jesus' favourite son!   Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:20 pm

Anderson: Who is this?

Greg: I belive its the man that we saw backstage at Night Of Champions, the one that attacked Cody Christo backstage before his match at the Night of Champions.

Anderson: Who let this idiot in?

After this man (who appears to be called Mike Young), is finished making his grand entrance, he exits the ring, before asking for a microphone. Upon receiving it he rolls back into the ring, before sitting himself up on the top turnbuckle. ( All the while the fans have been debating between themselves whether to cheer, (as this man had attacked the much hated Cody Christo just the other night) or boo (since the man has requested that he is billed from the Garden Of Eden)) The man then waits for the reaction to die down, before raising the microphone to his face.

Mike Young: Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are not aware of who I am, and indeed how great I am I will put this atrocity right right away. Ladies and gentlemen I am Jesus’ favourite son, I am the fist pump master, the party starter, the midnight disaster, every man’s dream and every woman’s nightmare, I am the sack stallion, I am Mike Younggggga!

After Mike has finished talking, the fans start to boo loudly. Mike giggles to himself as the fans do this, before waiting a moment for them to quiet down.

Mike Young: And for those of you that do have the pleasure of already knowing me..I’d like to ask you all why you aren’t bowing down to the god of a man that stands before you, I’d like to ask you why you are not throwing your panties into the ring, I’d like to ask you why you are not rioting, but most importantly..I’d like to ask you why you aren’t screaming at the top of your lungs for these people that do not have the pleasure of knowing me under their belts to shut the hell up, and respect the man that’ll soon become their new idol, the man that they will soon devote their lives to, the man that they will soon owe their lives to...

Greg: Well that answers simple kid. No one known’s who the hell you are.

You got that right Greg.

Mike Young shrugs the commentator’s comments off, the fans boo loudly as he does so.

Mike Young: Now I am aware that all of you are wondering why I attacked that sickkkk freakkk Cody Christo last night. I lied when I said I was a huge fan by the way...Regardless, I did so not to make a statement, I did so not to show that I am a unstoppable force, you can gather that just by looking at my twenty inch biceps. I attacked this foul beast in order to save A poor woman from a savage beating. I did so to save that sweet smelling female known as Lauren Walker. You know there’s only one thing I care about more than myself, and that’s females, sexy females...I am a modern day gentleman. And I’d like to take this moment to ask why the Champions of the Ring officials chose to pit her against savages such as Sir Christo twice a week? Do you have no heart? Do you have no soul? Do you have no remorse? Do you have no other sweet smelling females to pit her against or is Champions of the Ring a complete gravy gurgling sausage fest?

Just after Mike finishes his last line, the theme song of the Champions of the Ring general manager hits the arenas PA system. The general manager himself Ryan Lee then walks out to the entrance ramp, looking very angry and annoyed as he does so.

Ryan Lee: I won’t have you coming onto my show, disrespecting me and my employees like that! For your information Lauren Walker is a gifted athlete, who personally requests that she faces of against the men. And speaking of Lauren, she is very annoyed that you cost her a nights action the other night, as a result I have booked you in a tag team match later on tonight. Paring Brandon Archey and yourself up against Justice and Lauren Walker!

The fans cheer loudly at this announcement. However Mike Young does not look all to happy at all.

Mike Young: Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? I can’t wrestle!

Ryan Lee: You can’t wrestle?

Mike Young: Well no, not really-That’s besides the point. You said that I was here to introduce myself tonight, nothing more and nothing less!

Ryan Lee: A Champion of the ring is expected to be able to wrestle when asked. If you are everything you say you are then that should be no problem for the all mighty Mike Young. Now get out of my ring, I’m on a tight schedule here!

With that being said, Ryan Lee disappears to the back as a worried Mike Young rushes out the ring, moaning to himself as he does so. The screen then fades into a commercial advert break.


Mike Young never did show up again that night, and as a result the match was cancelled.

Out of character comments: I'd like to thank both Ryan (for allowing me to use the General Manager character in my roleplay) and the lovely James (for allowing me to use the video posted above in the roleplay) (:

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I am Jesus' favourite son!
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