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 CotR Lumberjack Match Rules

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GM Ryan Lee

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PostSubject: CotR Lumberjack Match Rules   Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:33 pm

CotR Lumberjack Match Rules

This week, I am putting a new match type into effect. This match is called the "Lumberjack Match" and it functions similar to a traditional wrestling Lumberjack match. The first of these types of matches will take place on the Clash card. Even if you are not scheduled in this week's match, you will need to read these rules for the future. I think this will end up being a very fun match type, especially for Dark Matches.

Here are the rules and set up conditions:
-The match is hosted as either a Triple Threat or a Fatal-4-Way
-All match rules are left at default
-At the beginning of the match, the Lumberjack(s) leave the ring
-When the ring is cleared, the fight begins
-The Lumberjack(s) may NOT enter the ring, stand on the edge of the ring or attack the competitors inside the ring
-Outside of the ring, the Lumberjack(s) may do anything they want for however long they want. This is also true for the competitors in the match
-Pins and Submissions may only be performed by and/or on other normal competitors, not the Lumberjack(s)

The rules are pretty much what you'd expect. I have to go into a lot of detail to prevent people from trying to abuse the rules in stupid ways that will only cause problems.

Anyway, good luck and have fun with this match type.
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CotR Lumberjack Match Rules
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