The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 ♠ Wounded Hunter ♠

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PostSubject: ♠ Wounded Hunter ♠   Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:02 pm

♠ Wounded Hunter ♠

>> Night of champions <<

After his loss, Nick's leg seems to in bad shape, and he's barely able to slowly walk towards his locker-room.
The Soul Hunter doesn't bother to close the door, and doesn't seem to notice the cameraman.

Losing once again to Jason Willams upset the Soul Hunter more than he wanted us to believe.
This time rage took control of him and made the truth visible; it seems like Jason is messing around with the soul of Nick Suárez, and not the other way around.

Blind in rage, Nick smashes all the sand clocks he had on his table, breaking every one of them except Jason's of course. Furthermore, the remaining hourglass is playing a cruel prank on the Soul Hunter. A few grains of sand got stuck, blocking the sand from falling. It normal circumstances it wouldn't be a big deal, but the irony of the moment when it happened, just caused Nick's rage to grow.

As Nick sat down on the floor, surrounded by the broken glass and the sand from the broken hourglasses, he puts his hands on his head, and starts humming something...
Troubled by Nick's actions, the cameraman decides to walk away, leaving Nick in his disturbing state of mind.


>> Clash of the champions <<
// Mike Young vs Nick Suárez match \\

Backstage before the match:
Nick Suárez is seen backstage but refuses to talk. While trying to get some answers from Nick, COTR's interviewer spots a new tattoo on Nick's body. It appears to be a text or some sorts of poem, written on the side of his torso. It appears to be written in Latin.

Curious about the writing, the interviewer asks Nick about it.
The Soul Hunter responds:

Nick Suárez || The Soul Hunter
[talking on a very calm tone]

A poem?
I'm not really the type to write a poem for my "lost love" or something, and tattoo it on my body.

They say that our body is "our temple" right? Well these letters are, in fact, an old Latin incantation, the purpose of which is to protect "the temple" from being affected by malicious spirits, thoughts, feelings and why not intentions. I've tried to hide my "demons", so to speak, but I failed again.

[the interviewer tries to speak, but Nick interrupts him]

Why would you ask? Well simply because I'm not better than him.
I'm blind by rage, consumed by anger, and I forgot the one thing I did best... Wait for the right time.
I rushed into fights, I ignored the time, and I became the thing I hate most: a lost soul, unable to find its own way, ignoring the "signs" just to persuade its naive rush towards perdition.

Time waits for no one, but it also can't be rushed by anyone. Therefore I have to gather myself, and do things at the pace they're supposed to. And this little text here, is a symbol of me trying to clean my soul of the demons I let in.

[ Although the interviewer wanted to ask him something, Nick just walks away, looking suspiciously calm]

Anderson || Comentator
Okay, he seems to be, calm and determined?

Greg || Comentator
Or "high"...
I don't know about that Latin gibberish, but I really want to know what drugs he's on.

Anderson || Comentator
Drugs? Come on Greg, don't be stupid.

Greg || Comentator
What? He wouldn't be the first wrestler to do it. I mean how the hell is he walking after the damage his leg endured at NoC?

Anderson || Comentator
He's hurt, but I think he's just stubborn. It could cost him the match or even worse.

Greg || Comentator
Well those silly divies, that he happens to fail all the time won't help that injured leg of his, somebody should teach this guy some wrestling moves.

Anderson || Comentator
Ah shut up Greg, you know he's a great wrestler; he just takes too many risks.

Greg || Comentator
Excuses, excuses, now 'shush', I want to watch the match...

1st Match:
Nick isn't 100% due to his matches against Jason at Night of Champions. Despite the injury, he starts the match and as soon as Mike Young notices that Nick's trying to protect his leg, Mike targets it.

After a while, Mike takes the fight outside the ring, and punishes Nick's leg with a few stomps on the concrete. Then he whips him leg first in the ring steps and then smashes his head into the announcers' table.

Mike got some momentum, and decided to go for a leg drop from the TB, outside of the ring but he misses it. Nick takes advantage and gets the upper hand for a while but eventually gets reversed and gets hit by Mike's Sig and Finisher.

Mike fails to get the 3 count, so he picks Nick up and whips him into the ropes. He goes for a move, but Nick catches him with a leverage pin. The count doesn't reach 3, as Mike reverses the pin into a pin of his own.
At a late 2 count, Nick manages to get roll over, and get the pin fall.
Nick 1 -0 Mike

2nd Match:
As an effect of the adrenaline may be, Nick seems to ignore his injured leg, therefore he starts the match without any hesitation, leading to a back and forth start.

As Nick was about to hit a kick, Mike rolls outside. Nick's daredevil style doesn't allow him to just wait for his opponent, so he goes for a running clothesline off the apron, but he fails.

Trying to mock Nick, Mike tries a dive off the apron himself, but he also fails, allowing Nick to set him up on the announcers' table.
Nick climbs on top of the TB, but the injured leg makes itself felt again, slowing him down. He eventually reaches the top and goes for the moonsault dive, but the Mike had enough time to recover and he rolls off the table; as a result, Nick comes crashing through the table.

Mike drags him to the ring, and sets him leaning on the TB, and then hits a spike DDT off the 3rd rope, followed by his finisher.

Nick kicks out, and springs back to life, hitting a series of kicks, followed by his specific taunt. He tries to hit the Soul Ripper but Mike gets away and tries to hit his own finisher, getting reversed by Nick with an arm drag.
Nick locks the Devil's Trap but Mike gets out and puts Nick into a full nelson submission hold.

Nick gets out, and with his last effort hits the Soul Ripper, accidentally hitting the referee in the process.

Nick remains motionless on the ground, alongside with Mike and the referee.
Mike rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair, then waits for Nick to get back on his feet. Meanwhile the referee is slowly getting back on his feet as well. Somehow Nick dodges the chair shot, causing Mike to hit the referee with the chair. He desperately tries to help the referee back on his feet but he gets disqualified as soon as the referee is conscious again.
Nick wins the match.

As Mike is still complaining about the DQ, Nick grabs the chair and sets it up behind his opponent.
By the time Mike noticed, it was already too late, he gets hit with the Soul Ripper on the chair, busting his forehead wide open.

With his opponent laying down on the mat, next to the broken chair, Nick grabs his head band that fell off after his head hit the chair.
With a disturbing smile on his face, he carefully cuts his "jigsaw puzzle piece" out of the head band covered in blood.

As The Soul Hunter walks away with his "prize", the referee helps Mike Young back on his feet, checking if he's alright. Mike Young doesn't reply and looks at the broken chair, noticing the head band on the mat, with a puzzle piece cut out of it.
The referee asks him again, and he replies:
(while putting his headband back on)

Mike Young
I'm fine, it was your forking fault anyway; DQ? SO RUDE!
[The referee looks at him, confused]

Now tell me if this isn't a sexy new look!
However, I'd prefer a leaf shape or something,instead of a puzzle piece...
Hmmm...yeah that's a great idea, I think it could also....

[ Mike walks out, talking about possible new ideas for his attires, while the referee, who appears to have had enough of this, just asks the announcer to hurry up and announce the next match. ]

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♠ Wounded Hunter ♠
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