The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 Debut at coc

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John Maverick

Character Sheet
Alias: The King
PSN ID: xLostGamer
Finishing Move(s): Scissor Kick, Lebell Lock

PostSubject: Debut at coc   Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:34 am

Clash of the champions

Backstage interview before the match

Interviewer:I would like to welcome at this time John Maverick who recently had his debut match at noc against Jimmy Poseidon.

John suddenly snatched the microphone out of the interviewer hands

John Maverick:DONT YOU EVEN DARE MENTION THAT MATCH IAM THE KING GOD DAMMIT! At Night of Champions i got screwed the vermin put me in a bear hug which would of killed me if I didnt tap out and i assure you Jimmy I will have my revenge.

John passes the microphone back to the interviewer

Interviewer:So how are you feeling about your match against Justice.

John Maverick:Please dont make me laugh Justice is on the biggest losing streak cotr will ever know of course hes going to lose once i apply my lebell lock its all over for Justice and thats a promise.

The interview ends

--------After The Match---------

John gets passed a microphone

John Maverick:I would like to take this time to explain how dirty Champions of The Ring is.

The crowd boos

John Maverick:It seems like Champions of The Ring has a vermin problem like this man lying on the mat right hereeeeee.

John turns around and relizes Justice got up while he was speaking. Justice looked mad they both stared at each other at what was seemed minutes then Justice made his move making John drop his microphone they started brawling in the ring which ended when Justice went to punch John but he counted and knocked Justice out cold. John then picks up the microphone.

John Maverick:Now we got that out of the way. Vermin like that need disposed of like this.

John then picks Justice back up and throws him out of the ring

John Maverick:See thats all it takes but i need help to fight this plague anyone in the locker room willing to help me with this infestation will be rewarded they will rid of there vermin status and for anyone who doesn't join me will be eliminated that is all.

Johns entrance music plays while leaving the arena leaving Justice out cold and booing audience behind him

--------END OF RP-------
Right thats my first rp ever so dont judge my rp skills badly because i will improve
Also a thanks for Justice for letting me knock out his character
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Debut at coc
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