The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 I am not being racist, I am being honest!

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Mike Young


Age : 24
Location : England

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Alias: Mike Young
Finishing Move(s): Reverse STO

PostSubject: I am not being racist, I am being honest!   Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:48 pm

Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Clash of the Champions!

Greg: We have a fantastic card of match ups scheduled for tonight, so don’t go you dare touch that remote!

Just as Greg finishes his line, this grand tracks hits the arenas PA system.

Anderson: Its going to be hard for them not to now Greg, this guy is so annoying.

Michael Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome my good friend MIKE YOUNGGGGGG!

Greg: Woah, where the hell did Michael Buffer come from?

Just as Greg finishes his line, Mike Young climbs into the ring. He then walks over to Michael Buffer before bumping his fist, and taking the microphone of of him. Michael Buffer then leaves the ring, as Mike Young sits himself on top of the turnbuckle. The fans not knowing whether to cheer for Buffer, or jeer for Young as he does so.

Mike Young: It’s me, yes it’s me, the M.I.K.Y.O.G! I do sure hope that you remembered me, hahahaha! Now I can see that you are all wondering why my good friend Michael Buffer just announced your good friend Mike Young to the ring just then. Now don’t go getting too excited, he is not the COTR’s new ring announcer, they can barely afford to pay their Wrestlers salaries. No, you see Mr.Buffer is a huge fan of mine, and he personally requested earlier this week if he could introduce me to the ring tonight. Of course, me being the generous soul that I am was more than happy to allow him to do so, for a small $19, 000 fee.

Mike Young then smiles proudly, as the fans boo loudly.

Anderson: I think Mike Young may have got himself confused with Michael Buffer there.

Greg: You got that dead right Anderson; we are just receiving word from Michael Buffers representatives that Mike Young has been bugging Buffer for years to be his personal ring announcer for the night, and that Buffers manager did indeed receive a $19, 000 check in the post earlier today.
Anderson: This idiot isn’t fooling anyone.

Mikes smile turns to a look of anger and sadness upon hearing Greg and Andersons words, he then jumps down from the turnbuckle, before throwing his sunglasses to the floor.

Mike Young: Shut your mouths you bell ends! If I didn’t have a match to win tonight I’d so kick your smelly asses!

Mike Young then takes a moment to calm down, Greg and Anderson sporting sarcastic scared faces as he does so.

Mike Young: Now...Speaking of matches, I would just like to assure everyone that I had no choice but to throw the match last week against Riley Vice. Why you may ask? Well that reasons simple....If I beat Riley Vice, you would have all called me racist for refusing to put the brown man over!

The fans start to boo loudly at Mike Young’s moronic statement.

Mike Young:
I know you are mad; no one likes to see their hero lose, but never fear. Tonight I will not be throwing my match, because quite frankly, who in this world likes Mexicans besides other Mexicans?

After saying this, the fans a number of fans start to chant “Don’t be racist”, as the rest boo loudly.

Mike Young: I am not being racist, I am being honest! You are all-

Mike then continues to rant and rave. As he does so, Mike Young’s opponent Nick Suarez jumps over the fan barricade and rolls into the ring. He then pats Mike on his shoulder; this startles Young, and causes him to fall over.

Mike Young: Hey I know you...You’re that kinky demon who likes to steal people’s clothes after he beats them! Well I ain’t gay, but I do fancy those sexy tights you are wearing...So prepare to be stripped goof ball!

A Champions of the Ring referee then enters the ring, before calling for the bell. It is time for the first match of the night....
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I am not being racist, I am being honest!
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