The Champions of the Ring PS3 League for WWE '12!
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 ♠ Folowed by the darkness ♠

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PostSubject: ♠ Folowed by the darkness ♠   Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:57 pm

♠ Folowed by the darkness ♠

>> Clash of the Champions: <<
>> Backstage area (after Nick's match) <<

The camera shows the backstage area, where a man is walking towards the exit, while he was putting on his coat. He appears to have his hair set in a ponytail.

The curiosity to see who the person is, draws the cameraman closer, when suddenly the man stops.
When the camera zooms in on him, we see Nick Suárez. The fact that he has no face paint on, and the hair is set up differently, made him hard to recognize.

Nick just stands there, leaning on the wall, staring at something around the corner.
As the cameraman approaches, Jason Williams can be seen near the hallway, talking to somebody.
Nick reaches for the lights witch, and turns the light near him off. He pulls out his pocket watch, and opens it. He gives it a look and then closes it again; and he keeps opening and closing it for a while.
[the camera changes to a security camera, mounted at the end of the hallway]

Jason eventually walks away as his chat partner enters a the room next to them. Nick decides to follow him, so he puts the watch back in his pocket and silently follows Jason, turning off the lights one by one, as they walked further down the hallway.
As they were getting close to Jason's locker-room, Nick stops near the last light switch before the one right next to the door.
Nick slowly turns the switch off, the click made by it attracting Jason's attention due to the fact that it was closer this time.

Jason turns around, and to his surprise, he sees that all the lights along the hallway are turned off. He turns the closest light back on and sees nothing so he just heads back to his locker-room.

As Jason enters his room, while the security camera picks up Nick stading in the dark area, staring Jason's way as he closed the door. After a few seconds he walks away towards the exit...
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♠ Folowed by the darkness ♠
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