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 Jason Williams' Wikipedia Page

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Age : 20
Location : Bournemouth

Character Sheet
Alias: Next Big Thing
PSN ID: codeydbw
Finishing Move(s): Justice Serverd, The British Breakdown

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PostSubject: Jason Williams' Wikipedia Page   Jason Williams' Wikipedia Page Icon_minitimeThu Feb 02, 2012 6:31 pm

Jason Williams' Wikipedia Page 66-55

Name: Jason ''Ryan'' Carter
Billed Weight: N/A
Billed Height: N/A
Billed From: London, England
Birth Date: 24th of January, 1987
Age: 26
Birth Place: Manchester, England
Trained By: Aaron Webb, Justin Credible
Debut: 15th of June, 2011
Ring Names: Jacob Ryans, Jason Ryans, Jason Justice, Jason Williams


Jason Carter (Born 24th of January, 1987), better known for his ring name Jason Williams, is a British Wrestler currently under employment of Champions Of The Ring. He is the current World Cruiserweight Champion and One Half of the Tag Team Champions.


Early Life

Carter was raised in London, England, his father Mark Carter was a famous Boxer but has now retired. Jason watched wrestling and boxing as a child, seeing people like Hatchet, Aaron Webb and Mercer. He soon graduated school with A-levels in I.T, History and Drama. He went to college and took a Theater Studies course for 2 years. He appeared in small films but eventually decided that acting wasn't his thing. He looked to train in Professional Wrestling, he joined Manchester Wrestling Academy in 2007, becoming the youngest MWA World Champion in the process at only 19. He graduated in 2009 and was signed to Xtreme Wrestling Association. He quickly climbed the ranks of the promotion and won the World Championship. He left in 2011 and joined Champions Of The Ring 2 months later.


Aaron Webb's Funeral

Carter debuted at the Funeral of CotR Superstar Aaron Webb under the alias of Jacob Ryans with a Boxer gimmick. He gave a speech and watched as multiple superstars disrespected Aaron Webb. This lead to him and Justin Credible, Webb's other student to forming a team.


Webb Of Hate Meets Power

The main aim of Webb Of Hate was simple, to beat respect into the disrespectful. On the 17th of June, Justin and Jacob made public the fact that they were a team, they then went on to insult Brittany Claire and the CotR Stable ''Power''. This prompted Brittany Claire to walk to the ring. After Justin threatend to ''Beat the Holy Shit out of Brittany'' the theme song Of ''Money'' Mercer hit and the leader of Power walked to the ring to back up Brittany. Insults went back and forth till Jacob called Brittany a piece of ''Arm Candy'' and left the ring with Justin. The next week, Webb Of Hate continued to insult Brittany, so she walked down to the ring with a whip. after exchanging insults, Claire hit Justin on the arm. This followed with Jacob pushing Brittany to the ground. This was the first part of a bitter feud between Webb Of Hate and Brittany Claire.


Jason Meets Killton

On the 30th of June, Jason walked to the ring and talked about the past PPV. He mentioned Killton beating Mercer and Cody for the CotR World Championship. He then invited the new Champion out to the ring to congratulate him. Within 5 seconds, Jason was chokeslammed by Killton. This would be the first blow in a rivalry.


The Curse

The next week, Jason comes to the ring threatening Killton. This follows with Killton walking to the ring a saying some sort of a ritual, leading to a Ligh Bolt hitting Jason in the middle of the ring. Killton picks Jason up and Chokeslams him. 2 Weeks later Jason returns and walks to the ring holding a Kendo Stick, he warns Killton of what is to come.


The Mixed Tag

On the 26th of July, there was a Mixed Tag match between the teams of Rival and Brittany Claire vs Jason Justice and Evalyn Omega. In the middle of the match, Brittany hit her finisher, ''The Falling Valkyrie'' on Jason Justice to secure the pinfall for Rival. 2 days later, Brittany walked to the ring and bragged about ''Finishing Off'' Jason. Justice responded by coming out to the ring and trading insults. Jason made the point that to believe men can't hit women is Sexist. Brittany responded by claiming that Jason wasn't a honourable wrestler.


The Crush

In the weeks leading up to the 30th of July, Justin Credible had started to develop a love feeling for Brittany Claire. Jason was disgusted about this and tried to get Justin to stop trying to go ou with Claire. Jason attempted to get Justin thinking that he was following in Aaron's footsteps (Aaron was in love with Brittany Claire). Justin refused and continued his love. Jason eventually agreed to help Justin.

On the 31st on July, Brittany called for help. She wanted someone to protect her against Justin, who was starting to stalk her. Cody took the job and became the protecter of Claire.


Jason Meets Jimmy

on the 1st of August, Jason issued a open challenge to the CotR locker Room, Jimmy Henderson responded and challenged Jason. Jason won the match and offerd to shake Jimmy's hand. This resulted with Jason being smacked to the floor and assaulted with a steel chair.


Jimmy Henderson vs Jason Williams Part 2

On the 2nd of August, Jimmy Henderson claimed that Jason's previous wins were ''luck'' and ''bad officiating''.

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Jason Williams' Wikipedia Page
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