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 Thoughts on Feb 10th SmackDown

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Thoughts on Feb 10th SmackDown Empty
PostSubject: Thoughts on Feb 10th SmackDown   Thoughts on Feb 10th SmackDown Icon_minitimeSat Feb 11, 2012 2:45 pm


Sheamus/Barrett/Rhodes/Big Show Segment = 7/10

A very good promo from 2 very great promoists and 2 ok promoists (you can make up your mind for who they are). Told some interesting tales for the payperview that kept your attention, something a lot of WWE promos fail to do these days.

Jinder Mahal vs. The Great Khali = 6.5/10

A quick squash, which is both men's comfort zones, due to Khali's lack of mobility and Mahal's lack of, well, entertainment. Good booking on part of SD writers. What I don't get however is, why is Khali suddenly getting a push into the Chamber when he has done fuck all for the last year?

Alicia Fox vs. Beth Phoenix = 5.5/10

Another quick squash (again, comfort zone for Alicia due to her lack of (what a shocker) wrestling ability). Attempt at a storyline between Phoenix and Tamina will likely be poor. The division is further demeanered in the following segment by a reminder of the Natalya NeidFart angle.

Big Show and Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett = 7/10

A generally ok tag match, but dragged out slightly in moments where Barrett and Big Show dominated. I really didn't pay full attention to what happened during those moments. But for what it was, it wasn't too bad, and this chamber is shaping up to be pretty good, but I'd rather Khali and Barrett be eliminated quickly.

AJ/Bryan/Cole Segment = 3.5/10

I really don't get why so many like think AJ is good. She is nothing as a wrestler and is cringe-worthy on the microphone. As well as this, And with Daniel Bryan (who is beginning to look like a dummed down CM Punk in the S.E.S) along with her in the promo, it felt like something from WWF in the '80s. Cole did good as his usual heel commentator role however.

Hunico vs. Ted DiBiase = 5.5/10

A surprisingly good effort by DiBiase, who sold his wrist injury good, but hindered by the length and mediocre performance by Hunico, whose character is pish poor as a mexican thug. Not a lot else to say. The program between the two is going nowhere.

Cryme Tyme vs. JeriShow (From the Vault, December 2009) = 7.5/10

Along with some good performances by Jericho, it was extremely amusing to see someone like Shad Gaspard get completely buried by Big Show in 5 seconds. One of the reasons I and many others loved the JeriShow tag team.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton = 8/10

Some very interesting chemistry between these two, as usual when Orton is in the ring most of the time. Though dissapointing due to the disqualification finish, the post-match brawl between Big Show and Randy made you think that Orton had balls of titanium. Good stuff from all three men.

OVERALL = 6/10

I'm beginning to see why people are putting SmackDown! by the wayside in WWE these last few months: there really isn't a lot to be blown away by or to be properly involved in. But unlike Raw, it focuses more on the wrestling of it, and that's all one could really ask for. But though it delivers in some areas, they aren't taken as seriously enough to get into.

Quote of the Night - "Sometimes Randy is just beautiful to watch." - Big Show
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Thoughts on Feb 10th SmackDown
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