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 Thoughts on Elimination Chamber

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Thoughts on Elimination Chamber Empty
PostSubject: Thoughts on Elimination Chamber   Thoughts on Elimination Chamber Icon_minitimeMon Feb 20, 2012 10:13 pm

RAW Chamber = 8.5/10

This. Was. Fucking. Brutal. Seriously, I have never cringed and had to look away in shock so many times in a match like this before. Every spot, the many that there were mind you, was pulled off to perfection: Kofi Kingston's Rolling DDT off the Chamber Walls, Y2J Slamming the Pod Door against Punk's chest, Every collision someone made with the Chamber floor (one of which even busted open Punk's thigh for the second year in a row), and the way everyone sold it was brilliant. The only gripes I may have are that the ending was kind of anti-climactic (though, when have I NOT said that for a match Jericho loses) and that at times Kingston, Truth and Ziggler just seemed like sandbags for Miz, Punk and Y2J. An awesome match nonetheless, and one I'll probably remember for a good portion of this year.

Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina = 3.5/10

At this point I'm even beginning to lose faith in arguably the two best divas in the division (not saying a lot), as dictated by the length and little booking for this match. I just don't care for anyone here anymore and feel quite sorry for those who actually want to wrestle and put on a show.

Lauranitis/Del Rio/Christian/Mark Henry = 3/10

I was honestly indifferent for when Del Rio and Christian returned that it's dawned on me that these returns have happened way too often that the novelty has worn out. That statement aside, unless this is followed up with something on Raw involving all four men, this will be a pretty pathetic filler for payperview. (Note: Next time Mark Henry is on the microphone, keep an eye on his eyes. You will notice them sink into nothingness. Seriously, it's more amusing than the actual segments)

SmackDown Chamber = 7/10

With less spots and brutality feeling, this was definitely a step-down from its predecessor earlier in the night, but it was good enough to watch anyway I suppose. One think I would like to point out that has been getting mixed feelings from the IWC is Santino in the Chamber. IMO, with every attempt at comedy and lighting the mood Marella tried to make throughout this PPV, the less respect I had for this Chamber match, even before it began with these abysmal Rocky-esque montages. Aside from that, the best moments for me were Big Show breaking and entering Bryan's Pod and Big Show eliminating Khali about a minute after he entered (keep it up bookers). The final moments between Bryan and Santino were actually quite tense, despite the fact that no one with a sensible mind knew that Santino would walk out with the gold.

Jack Swagger vs. Justin Gabriel = 4/10

As a Gabriel mark going into this (IE: jumping up and down on my seat and looking like I'm about to have sex for the first time), I was fully prepared with party hats and drinks to see him walk away with the US Title and begin his mid-card tenure I have longed for since the day he debuted. Unfortunately, as per the usual Swagger treatment, it was a pathetic length of time with very little chances for showing off Gabriel's stuff and prolonging Swagger's US Champ run until 'Mania. This PPV is pissing on me and telling me it's raining.

John Cena vs. Kane = 1.5/10

What's worse than having to watch Cena and Kane try to wrestle and brawl for an extended period of time? Why, having an ENTIRE MATCH dedicated to them brawling for an even LONGER extended period of time, of course! The English language is incapable at this point of representing the rage I need to express for this storyline and match, so here's something to fill the gap:

(The half-point is there because I don't have to review the match, and I get to watch He-Man sing while I celebrate)

OVERALL = 7/10

An improvement from the Royal Rumble mediocrity, this was still a PPV you would likely only watch for specific matches, in this case, the two good chambers. Everything else could be topped off with a resounding sound of "Feh.".
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Thoughts on Elimination Chamber
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