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 Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW

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Age : 23
Location : Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

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Alias: Jimmy Poseidon
PSN ID: FearMyWrath24
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Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW Empty
PostSubject: Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW   Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW Icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2012 4:47 pm

Jericho/Punk Segment = 8.5/10

A very intriguing war of words between two amazing promoists, establishing these two as very worthy contenders for the show-stealers of the night at 'Mania, even if it could just be settled in a court room with Jericho claiming copyright infringment.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan = 6/10

I've seen this match twice in the last month, so I've grown tired of watching these two's chemistry, whether it's good or not, but it's not helped by the disqualification finish, the overshadowing of the Teddy Long/Johnny Ace feud, and having three ads in the vicinity of the 15 minute match and angle. You'll see why this was in conclusion.

Kelly Kelly vs. Nikki Bella = 1.5/10

Oh, fuck off.

John Cena vs. The Miz = 2/10

Again, seen it umpteen times, except without the good chemistry and replaced with FCW-level mediocrity. We're really pulling all the stops tonight aren't we bookers? This is made worse by Miz claiming he deserves a spot at WrestleMania in a drawn out pre-match promo, only to be buried six feet deep by the guy who acts, wrestles, talks and dresses like a 10-year-old. Miz really needs to be placed in at least a decent feud, but even he is beginning to look like a botchfest.

WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat match = 6.5/10

Though an interesting concept, and pulled off correctly near the end, this match was hindered by the uninteresting moments inbetween with constant double teaming (and no, I'm not just bitter with the WWE '12 userbase) and Kane's unneeded involvement in a post-match beatdown. If this was used simply to show his dominance, it should not have been in this situation.

Eve Torres Segment = 1/10

OH FUCK OFF!!! Seriously, if there's anything else diva-related that I don't need on this below average Raw its your time-wasting feminism bullshit from a limited promoist like Eve.

Big Show and Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry = 3/10

This match was used primarily to push Rhodes vs Big Show, which wastes both Sheamus and Mark Henry. Even then, the segment with Rhodes was poor, with Cody showing off the 'Mania XXIV match with Maywhether, which made Floyd look like an underdog babyface, even though he was not over in the slightest and was booed out of the building using underhanded tactics.

Cena/Rock Segment = 2.5/10

Not only have these promos completely lost their novelty from over a decade ago, but The Rock has become more of an annoyance on the mic with his twitter statements and generic phrases. The fact that a large portion of the promo was dedicated to the fans chants. Furthermore, everything Rocky said acheived very little than have something new 'trend', and all that was said, will probably just be used to fuel video packages. I noticed at this point why most of the commercials had taken place many times beforehand: this fucking promo was so damn drawn out it was unbelievable.

OVERALL = 3/10

As someone who hopes to be a journalist of this type, I find it far easier to critiscize than praise. This is a prime example. The majority of this broadcast was a waste of television time and not worth the hype that surrounded another fucking Rock return, especially with the quality of programming that had to be thrown out the window to cope with its length. Useless.
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@*Mr.BTY* Justin Bailey

@*Mr.BTY* Justin Bailey

Age : 28
Location : miami

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Alias: Mr.BTY
PSN ID: mrmade1
Finishing Move(s): Bailey Cutter, Red Carpet Welcome

Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW Empty
PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW   Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW Icon_minitimeSat Mar 03, 2012 7:44 am

I think Kanes involvement in the tag match was genius it give him a way to bounce back from losing to John Cena @ EC and i think it add to kanes gimmick the was he layed waste to all the team was in a way Viewtiful (If you know the reference PM me)
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Lauren Walker

Age : 29

Character Sheet
Alias: Queen of the Ring
PSN ID: AdenziaStarglaze
Finishing Move(s): Bitch Fit, Surprise Kiss

Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW Empty
PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW   Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW Icon_minitimeSat Mar 03, 2012 1:01 pm

wat u dnt lik k2 vs a bela?????///???

In all seriousness, my reaction was about the same. Apparently it was originally going to be Beth vs Nikki but Kelly Kelly is their poster ho so she got the match instead.

And honestly, Eve's promos out in the ring are lack-luster, but if you watch her backstage segments she is a total bitch. Plus, she's a better actress and promo-gal than most of the other divas. Even Beth is not good at promos.

Maxine is still a better bitch though.
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Character Sheet
Alias: PRO
PSN ID: Cody_The_Pro
Finishing Move(s): The Anuresym,Bloodline

Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW Empty
PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW   Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW Icon_minitimeTue Mar 06, 2012 9:14 am

well i dont watch this anymore soooo.....

[20:41:24 31/07/11] CWChampTyson : Strange that Sunday is a slow day :/

[20:41:38 31/07/11] CWChampTyson : I guess without Cody we have nothing to do Razz
[20:18:29] @ CodyChristo : HE'S DONE IT

[20:18:32] @ CodyChristo : HE HAS DONE IT

[20:18:40] @ CodyChristo : CODY HAS BROKEN HIS LOSING STREAK

[20:19:23] @ CodyChristo : BY GAWD JR

[20:20:26] Tyson Stewart : YAYAYAYAYAY


[20:20:38] @ CodyChristo : *buttcheek dances*

[20:20:41] Tyson Stewart : now brb

[15:12:11] Jimmy Poseidon : *buttcheek dancing*

[20:20:41] @ CodyChristo : OH YEAH

[20:20:46] @ CodyChristo : THIS BE GOING IN MY SIG
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Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW Empty
PostSubject: Re: Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW   Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW Icon_minitime

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Thoughts on Feb 27th RAW
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