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 Jason's Update #2

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PostSubject: Jason's Update #2   Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:32 pm

Date: 6th February, 2012

Location: Crown Hotel, Southampton, England.

*Jason is sitting in his lounge, watching T.V, when a story about CotR comes on the screen. It talks about a possible Re-opening and the return of big names such as Tyson and Jimmy Poseidon. A few names shock Jason, such as Creed and Mercer, they were on bad terms with the GM. But then he learns that there will be a new General Manager and that the company has been sold.

He then hears a knock at the door, he opens the door and see's a interviewer with a camera crew

Interviewer: Mr. Williams, after hearing of CotR's re-opening, will you be coming back?

Jason: No, I am very happy with my current position as World Champion of BWF.

Interviewer: But why? CotR is much bigger.

Well, for one I would have to become World Champion again and I would have to travel to America, when I am perfectly fine wrestling in Britain.

Interviewer: Mr. Williams, why should we beleive you? Mr. Mercer has been saying the same thing, yet it is obvious he will return.

Jason: I don't care about Mercer. The man's a hasbeen, he has riches and power, yet he can't stay out of that ring. I am nothing like him....I still have a chance to be a good wrestler

Interviewer: Those are very powerful words Mr. Williams, are you sure you'll be able to back-up those claims when you meet him in the ring?

*Frustrated at the interviewer's ignorance, Jason slams the door in her face. Later that night, he checks the CotR website for news, there are many threads stating a possible rivalry between Himself and Mercer, as if the Interview was just a stunt.
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Jason's Update #2
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