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 Wrestlemamia 28 Review(SPOILER ALERT)

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@*Mr.BTY* Justin Bailey

@*Mr.BTY* Justin Bailey

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Wrestlemamia 28 Review(SPOILER ALERT) Empty
PostSubject: Wrestlemamia 28 Review(SPOILER ALERT)   Wrestlemamia 28 Review(SPOILER ALERT) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 12:19 am

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan World Heavyweight Title Match 3/10
it gets a 3 For Sheamus being new champ and daniel bryan's face after he lost was hilarious even though it ended quickly

Kane vs Randy Orton 7/10
it was a good match overall but i feel like they could have built it up more and the ending sucked

Cody Rhodes vs Big show intercontinental Title Match 6.5/10
it was very one sided at the beginning even though cody started to get into it he was caught slipping and lost(figuratively speaking)

Kelly and maria vs beth and eve Tag Team Match 5.5/10
it was actually a good match alot of good moments for a diva match aside from the fact that maria was always overselling moves

End of an Era Match 8.5/10
a lot of emotion from shawn in this one triple h and taker gave it their all but taker came out
victorious 20-0 EPIC

Team Johnny vs Team Teddy 7/10
a fast paced match with some moments of Awe which ended with John Laurinitis being the GM of
both RAW and SD and a surprising kick in the hoeski :p

Cm Punk vs Chris Jericho 9/10
CM Punk is the BEST IN THE WORLD nuff said.

Brodus Clay Segment 7/10
This was a pleasant Surprise to me and it was Hilarious Somebody Call My MAMA!!!

The Rock vs John Cena 7.5/10
I was so disappointed with this Main Event they hyped it up way bigger than it really was
and it looked so FAKE

All in all WrestleMania 28 get a 7 3/4
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Wrestlemamia 28 Review(SPOILER ALERT)
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