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 TNA Lockdown 2012 Review(Spoiler Alert)

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@*Mr.BTY* Justin Bailey

@*Mr.BTY* Justin Bailey

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TNA Lockdown 2012 Review(Spoiler Alert) Empty
PostSubject: TNA Lockdown 2012 Review(Spoiler Alert)   TNA Lockdown 2012 Review(Spoiler Alert) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 15, 2012 8:44 pm

Team Eric vs. Team Garett Lethal Lockdown match 8/10
a lot of extreme brutality in this one this match was great and it was only the first match. So many allstars of TNA in one match RVD,AJ Styles, Kazarian, Eric Biscoff, Mr. Anderson,Christopher Daniels. Team Eric Dominated but a guitar to eric from his son garret endend the match.

Magnus and Samoa Joe (c) vs. MCMG Steel Cage match for TNA World Tag Team Championship 6.5/10
So much Tag Team Action at one point this match turned into a Tornado Tag Match a lot of Ariel stuff but Magnus gets the pin

Devon (c) vs. Robbie E Steel Cage match for TNA Television Championship 2/10
This match was Amateur at best but it wasn't devon's fault he tried. Robbie E just sucks as a wrestler in general
the match ended quickly for a title match with Devon retaining the title

Gail Kim (c) vs. Velvet Sky Steel Cage match for Knockout Championship 8/10 A very good match I had one of those moments when TNA women Wrestling is Better Than some of the WWE Mens Wrestling but my opinion aside The Veteran Gail Kim wins.

Ric Flair and Hogan Segment 4/10
It was nice to see them in the same ring but i feel like their way to old for this.

Matt Morgan vs. Crimson Steel Cage match 7/10
This was a Clash of the Titans it could have ended quickly with Morgan leaving the ring but he decided to inflict more damage that decision cost him the match with his leg wrapped around the rope Crimson climbed out the Cage.

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle Steel Cage match 9/10
First of all Jeff's face paint was Amazing This Match had me on the Edge of my seat Jeff & Angle put on a hell of a Match Jeff using Kurt's Moves on him twice and a Krazy angle slam fom the top rope but after 2 Swantom from the top rope and 1 from the top of the Cage Jeff finally put Kurt away.

Eric Young & ODB (c) vs. Sarita & Rosita for Knockout Tag Team Titles 4/10
ODB let her feelings for Eric Young get in the way of the match and was easily dominated at the beginning but after seeing them flirt with him she took a quick drink from her flask and dominated them and went for a pin and won.

Bobby Roode (c) vs. James Storm Steel Cage match for TNA World Heavyweight Championship 8.5/10
The match hadn't even started and they were at each other outside the ring James Storm got busted wide open. Once they got in the ring Roode went on the attack after it looked like james had him beat roode was between the Cage Door and the ropes but James accidentally Superkicked roode through the cage door and lost.

TNA Lockdown Gets a 8.5/10
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TNA Lockdown 2012 Review(Spoiler Alert)
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