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 Money Mercer

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PostSubject: Money Mercer   Money Mercer Icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 11:23 pm

Keeping up with King Mason $ Mercer

Money Mercer Images11

Dont forget to follow him @realmoneymercer

December 31st, 2011 - New Year’s Eve

A lavish event stuffed with the richest and most influential men and women in the world is being held and hosted by Mercer.

Mercer of course is in the finest clothing and schmoozing with the elite of society. Not only is this a celebration of

years to come, it also a party held in Mercer’s honor as it is the anniversary of his company’s conception. Mercer is a

shrewd business man and started from the bottom of his own father’s company. Even with his father’s name, Mercer fought and

clawed for his status today. He did this to prove he needed nothing but his talent and charisma and not any hand-outs from

an old man past his prime.

The countdown begins and Mercer raises a toast before the clock strikes for a new year.

Mercer: “Ladies and gentleman New Year’s is a spirited occasion, marked with grand celebrations and

festivities. It is a time when people bid goodbye to the passing year and usher in the New Year with great zeal and

enthusiasm. It is one of the most festive occasions across the world and there is hardly any country where the day is not

celebrated in a splendid way. People get together with their friends and family members on New Year’s Eve so I have

gathered with you all today.”

The people in attendance are rapt with Mercer hanging on his tiding for what could be the best year to come.

Mercer: “To me this brings a serious step into the newest chapter of my life. And it is with great joy and

sorrow that I Money Mercer, announce my retirement from the ring.”

The crowd is covered in a stark hush, all amazed by his announcement.

Mercer: “Now, now. Do not be saddened, this marks a milestone of my career. I have given this my all, I have

won countless matches,titles,ended streaks, you name it and now it is time for me to pass the torch…who am I kidding I’m

giving this up because if I don’t none of the people after me will stand a chance.”

The crowd laughs along with Mercer as he approaches the end of his speech.

Mercer: “Every man should be born again on the first day of January. He should start with a fresh page. Take up

one hole in his heart or in spirit if necessary, or let down one, according to his circumstances. But note that on the

first of January, Mercer found himself once more, with his face to the front, and taking no interest in the things that

were and are his past.”

The clock strikes midnight and a New Year had begun. Mercer toast all in attendance as fireworks sound off far into the


january 1, 2012 Money can money buy you happiness (Twitter)

@realmoneymercer - Can money buy you happiness? Cause im sure as hell happy buying this new ferrari, lol im 26 with a money tree


Money Mercer Downlo11

@realmoneymercer - I love women!!! Check me out with big booty Amber Rose, this year is already

starting off nice, first new car, now Amber, today was a good day btw stop asking me questions about cotr or

anything wrestling related, dont you see im busy (looks to the right). wink lol

#stop #getalife #igotbigbootyamberfortonight

Money Mercer Images10

January 21, 2012 - Night on the town

The scene opens with Mason Mercer walking out of a very expensive restaurant. His Dolce and Gabbana suit and matching

shades show his wealth and status has not been disturbed or destroyed in the slightest. The two stunning models on his arms

meet the public with demure grins and waves as Mercer nods to them in acknowledgement. A few fans swarm him for autographs

but his security quickly and casually dismisses them with a few intimidating gestures.

A gossip reporter gets close enough to Mercer to ask him a few questions as a black stretch limo pulls up. Mercer quickly

tries to get through the fans and to the doors but is stopped abruptly.

Reporter: “Mercer, your thoughts on COTR? Will the “break” be a way to get you back? Will COTR survive?”

Mercer stops suddenly brushing the two girls off for just a moment. He tilts his head and lowers his shades, then

grins slyly.

Mercer: “Money Mercer will not be returning to COTR, my company is in a full upswing and we have even taken in

a few other companies during these trying times for all big businesses. I have my hands full and my return to the ring

won’t be happening. As for COTR I wish them, the best of luck. They are going to need it without Money Mercer.”

He places his shades back into position and the girls take each one of his arms. He quickly makes his way to the limousine

and the driver pulls off in a sea of camera flashes and disappointed COTR fans.

February 1st, 2012 - Twitter

@realmoneymercer: “For all you marks out there I will NOT be returning to COTR! I don’t know where Creed is and

Power is dead. COTR is my past not my future. And they certainly do not have one w/o me! #TheDraw

February 3rd, 2012 - Twitter

@realmoneymercer: “I’ve just taken in three more crumbling businesses, no time for COTR. Mercer might be in the

Senate! Kidding way too real for politics. No more wrestling questions. #businessman

February 14th, 2012 - Twitter

@realmoneymercer: “I will no longer be addressing COTR or mentioning the name. No more wrestling related

questions. #getouttahere

February 22, 2012 - Gym

Mason is seen walking out of the gym. He has on his old workout clothes with his signature Money Mercer emblem emblazoned

on his chest. His Beats by Dre headphones are loud enough to hear across the street and a gutsy reporter goes in closer to

get the scoop.

Reporter: “Money Mercer, nice gear you got on buddy working out for the big return.”

Mason slips down his headphones and storms over to the reporter knocking the camera from his hands. Two body guards rush

over and hold Mercer back. Since the camera is on the ground the only video shown is the gravel of the gym’s parking lot.

Only audio of the conversation can be heard.

Mercer: “Godamnit I’m here working out every week, how did he even get into this part of town? I pay good money

for peace and this is what I get!

Reporter: “Sir this is an open area I have every right…”

Mercer: “You have the right to get your ass kicked, you’ve got some nerve!"

A scuffle is heard and the reporter screams as Mercer is heard yelling at his security. Soon they calm him and he is heard

far off into the distance. The reporter picks up his camera breathing heavily. He looks into the screen pale with fear, yet


Reporter: “No way he would be this angry getting caught in his old gear if he was not returning! No way! I’m

calling it here first guys, Money Mercer is headed for the ring.”

March 1st, 2012 - Dirt Sheets

"Welcome back to the dirt sheets folks. It has been reported at PWTORCH.COM that Money Mercer has been seen in

a sky box at a COTR event. After months of denying all things wrestling related Mercer is spotted at a COTR event. I smell

a return!"

1st comment: Mercer returns….right. So tired of the IWC hyping this, the guys a freakin’ billionaire. He’s

done! BTW, did anyone see Creed’s latest movie. That’s who needs to return if he’s in the ring he’s not on my movie screen.

Creed + western = I want my money back!

2nd comment: Heard he's banging Kim K!

March 17, 2012 - Twitter

@realmoneymercer: #TheDraw

Trending Topics:
1. The Draw
2. Lil Wayne
3. Oprah
4. LindseyLohan
5. Creedcantact
6. ZooeyDeschanel
7. Rihanna

March 19th, 2012 - Dirt Sheets

"I know were all a little let down after General Manager Ryan Lee publically denied any and all Mercer returns.

However, this could all be a work! I mean anything goes in the realm of wrestling. No reports have surfaced from Mercer,

and his camp could not be reached for comment. Whether Mercer has officially retired from wrestling is uncertain but seeing

as he is thriving business wise I can expect that he will continue on his ventures to be a Donald Trumpesque player on Wall


1st comment: First!

2nd comment: Say it ain’t so! One more match! One more match!

3rd comment: ^

4th comment: I mean COTR has always been good but the new talent just isn’t like the originals. I remember

jumping for joy when Mercer snagged those tag belts with Impact. I remember being just as emotional when all the originals

started disappearing and all these new jobbers started taking over. All good things must end, but why so prematurely. I

miss the originals.

March 21th, 2012 - COTR training grounds (TMZ)

TMZ reporter: “Wow I’m going keep far away so he can’t see me and strangle my neck but right now I’m about to

show you that mercer is at the COTR training grounds facility chatting up with some new comers look...”

Mercer is seen talking to some new wrestlers trying to get into the COTR. His good humored smile turns into a grimace as he

notices the reporter recording him. He turns immediately begins stalking in the reporters directions, cursing and pointing

at the cameraman.

TMZ reporter: “Well that’s it folks I’ve got to get out of here.” The reporter scrambles gathering his gear. He

throws it into a van and stops to speak before he hops in himself. “We need no words from Mercer he is coming back to the

COTR, you can bet on that!”

March 23, 2012 - E! NEWS - MASA restaurant NYC

Giuliana Rancic E! news reporter turn to the camera, smile beaming. She lifts the microphone and begins to speak E!

breaking news.

Money Mercer Beyonce-Jay-Z-Kanye-West

Giuliana Rancic: “We spotted newly crowned parents Jay-Z and Beyonce having a low-key dinner with other

friends. What we didn’t expect to find is Mason Mercer, professional wrestler and business mogul there too. The three

seemed to be chummy but rumor has it that Mason was interested in becoming co-owners with someone for his own NBA team. Are

Jay-Z and Mason teaming up to take the NBA by storm? Or this is this just a friendly outing? We’ll keep our eyes on it. And

what about his highly anticipated return to the ring?"

Giuliana Rancic turns to another camera moving on with her stories.

Giuliana Rancic: “Speaking of ex-COTR superstars up next were on-set with Apollo Creed filming his newest

movie Uncharted 2 Among Thieves. So far it’s been heavily guarded what the movie may be about, but we all know how great Uncharted a blockbuster hit was. Here is a sneak peak to Creeds new movie. We’ve got the scoop! Stay tuned to E! news.

March 25, 2012 - Twitter

@realmoneymercer: @Hollywood_Creed Does it look like I’m worried about wrestling right now? btw nice trailer, looking forward to that new blockbuster hit of yours, the people working on @Uncharted2TheMovie are pros

Money Mercer Kim-Kardashian-And-Kanye-West

@Hollywood_Creed Nope! Why won’t these people get it through their heads, me and @realmoneymercer are out! And thanks you know i try lol

#leeches #Uncharted2

March 26, 2012 - Bleacher Report (Big Nasty) - Twitter

@ThisisNasty Uh oh all I’m gonna’ say is that @COTRofficials and
@realmoneymercer are negotiating a contract oops that slipped out!
I wonder what they are cooking up I know you all are wondering the same and are
as excited as me. #cantwait #originalsbaby!

March 27, 2012 - CotR live show in Los Angeles (Mercers home town)

As an episode of COTR is about to come to a close, the lights in the arena go dark. A message begins to play across the screen.

The cameras fade to black on a confused and excited COTR audience

march 27, 2012 - Twitter

@realmoneymercer - #Obey

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PostSubject: Re: Money Mercer   Money Mercer Icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2012 3:24 am

holy shit that was good Shocked

[20:41:24 31/07/11] CWChampTyson : Strange that Sunday is a slow day :/

[20:41:38 31/07/11] CWChampTyson : I guess without Cody we have nothing to do Razz
[20:18:29] @ CodyChristo : HE'S DONE IT

[20:18:32] @ CodyChristo : HE HAS DONE IT

[20:18:40] @ CodyChristo : CODY HAS BROKEN HIS LOSING STREAK

[20:19:23] @ CodyChristo : BY GAWD JR

[20:20:26] Tyson Stewart : YAYAYAYAYAY


[20:20:38] @ CodyChristo : *buttcheek dances*

[20:20:41] Tyson Stewart : now brb

[15:12:11] Jimmy Poseidon : *buttcheek dancing*

[20:20:41] @ CodyChristo : OH YEAH

[20:20:46] @ CodyChristo : THIS BE GOING IN MY SIG
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Money Mercer
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